Study Arabic in Palestine

Company : The Excellence Center in Palestine
Activities: Summer Study Abroad / Learn Arabic
Duration: 4 weeks to 3 months
Approx Costs: 1250 to 1500 $ Dollars (US)

The Excellence Center (EC) in Palestine provides Arabic Language courses for internationals who would like to come and live the daily life of Palestinian in the city of Herbon, Palestine. 

Our programs are suitable for all levels of Arabic language learners. Students can choose regional or standards (Classical) Arabic according to their needs.

The program combines studying Arabic and fully engaging yourself in Palestinian culture and history. The Program offers the choice of learning Modern Standard Arabic or the Palestinian dialect, or a combination of the two. Each student can freely choose what he or she prefers to learn. The Center will provide all the books and all learning materials. 

As an international student learning Arabic, you will have the opportunity to meet Palestinian university students, members of the Hebron community, and local actors.

Whatever your motivation or level of Arabic we offer the right courses and group constellations for you. It’s difficult for you to study in big groups?  You have the choice of studying Arabic in a group of (4), (5) or on a one-on-one independent study basis. We are looking forward to having you in our class!


Courses for All Levels

  • Starter Courses: the main target group in this course are Arabic learners who do not have any prior knowledge of the Arabic language and would like to start learning the alphabet. This course will allow students to gain proficiency in reading and writing Arabic as well as conducting small talk.
  • Beginner Arabic Course: These kind of courses have been designed for participants who have basic knowledge of Arabic and would like to develop their speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills.
  • Intermediate Arabic Courses: Typically, this course provides students the opportunity to converse in Arabic with Arabic natives speakers to improve their conversational skills. Moreover, we focus on the improvement of students’ reading, writing and listening skills.
  • Advanced Arabic Courses: Students concentrate on refining their speaking and writing skills on this level.



  • Excellence Center will issue participants a certificate upon completion.
  • Different immersion activities are offered to help students obtain a better understanding of our culture including:
  • Home stays with a Palestinian host family
  • Engagement with Palestinian youth in cultural and educational activities.
  • Field trips


Program Specifics

  • Duration: 1-3 months
  • Days Per Week: 5 days
  • Cost: $1300
  • What is Included: Breakfast, the accommodation, Arabic classes, as well as some visits to different institutions in the city of Hebron. Some examples include the old city of Hebron, glass and ceramic factories, local companies, refugee camps and public parks as well as local universities such as the Palestine Polytechnic University and Hebron University.

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