Study Japanese Abroad

Do you want to learn a new language abroad? There are so many reasons to consider studying Japanese. This language is facsinating and a challenge. Japan currently has one of the largest economies in the world, Japanese is the third most used language on the internet, and the Japanese are very well traveled. 


How to Choose a Japanese Language Course

What type of Japanese language course you should take is entirely dependent upon your interests, time constraints and capabilities. For the beginner, maybe you’re interested in starting with a language course at home or over the internet. For the traveler who uses any excuse to go abroad, a Japanese course abroad will be an amazing experience.


Popular Places to Study Japanese

You can book courses throughout the world, these are some of the best places to learn:

Japan is not the only country you can study Japanese, there are language schools and universities all around the world offering courses to children and adults. There are also private tutors and online courses available to book anytime.

In London there are an abundance of locations for students to learn Japanese including: 

  • The Japan Foundation & SOAS have beginner level courses that focus on using Japanese language skills in real life contexts like restaurants and getting to know people.
  • The Japan Foundation London also hosts Japanese from Scratch, a single night event held several times a year that teaches students basic Japanese while also focusing on varying aspects of Japanese culture. 
  • International House London has several class options. Students can take group classes for beginners to advanced students or sign up for a one-on-one tutor who will work with you to learn Japanese from your starting point.

There are also lots of online Japanese language courses where you can study from anywhere in the world.


Japanese Language School Reviews

If you have ever taken a Japanese course and would like to leave feedback contact us. 


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