Benefits of Learning a New Language When Volunteering Abroad

Benefits of Learning a New Language When Volunteering Abroad

You are planning to volunteer in a foreign country but have you thought about how you will communicate with your hosts and other volunteers when you are there? Travelling to volunteer can be fun but also a bit daunting too. To set yourself up for a great experience and put your mind at ease before you go why not learn some of the local language? 

Here are a few benefits from picking up local language skills before you go.


1. Immerse yourself into local culture

Having some knowledge of the local language can help you to interact with many more people during your travels. If your volunteer program involves local people then just knowing basic greetings and phrases can go a long way. When you learn a new language from a native speaker you will also be taught about customs and cultures which will help you during your visit too. Some great volunteering destinations include Arabic speaking countries which can be pretty tricky to understand. Learning some language online from tutor sites such as preply will set you in good stead. Take a look at the site and find an Arabic teacher on preply.


2. Show that you really care

If you have taken the time to learn some language skills before you travel you show the community that you really do care. You are not only volunteering for the travel benefits but to help those you are working with and make a difference. Learning some local words and phrases will mean a lot to the people and places you are helping. Your effort will be greatly appreciated. It will also show your understanding of what it means to be a local which is especially important in some parts of the world.


3. Make memories that will last a lifetime

Of course you will never forget your adventures, but your new skills will be with you for life too. Learning a new language changes your travel outlook and helps build those bonds whilst you are away. Not only will your experiences stay with you but also new friendships and lasting impressions. You will never forget those first conversations in your new tongue.


4. Get to do things other volunteers can not

With your great communication skills you may get the chance to do some jobs or tasks that requires your new knowledge. This means learning some of the local language gives you more scope for opportunity on your trip. Whether it's speaking to natives to filling in paperwork your skills will be very useful during your stay. You can help others learn too and pass on your skills as well, helping others make the most of their trip.


5. Improve your language whilst volunteering

The best thing about studying before you go is that you get to practice during your trip. Your conversations, your accent and understanding will all improve. You’ve heard before that practice makes perfect but it's true, practicing will dramatically help. Many of the top places to volunteer also have language courses you can attend as part of your trip. So brush up whilst you are there and keep it up!

Learning some key words and phrases before you go on your trip will not only benefit you but the people around you as well. You will have a great time on your volunteer holiday but having knowledge of the language will make it even more special. Why not check out some online tutors before you go? Have you learned a language before volunteering? How did it benefit you?  


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