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If you want to improve and be proficient in Spanish a course in Valencia can help you acheive this. Local teachers are passionate about helping foreigners learn and most have years of experience in this industry. Valencia is a big city and there are lots of places to see and things to keep you occupied, expect a warm climate and beautiful beaches! There are lots of Spanish language courses in Valencia and you can sign up to study all year round. If you are thinking about learning or you already know basic phrases we highly recommend learning Spanish in Valencia. There are courses for all budgets too, some classes are daily whilst others are more flexible. 


Spanish Language Courses in Valencia

Find Spanish language classes from the best language schools in Valencia.

Learn Spanish in Valencia

Guide to Learning Spanish in Valencia

Valencia is located on the spectacular Mediterranean coast and there are a wide variety of Spanish language programs and courses which will introduce you to various aspects of Spanish culture and society. Whether you are a teenager, a college/university student, or a professional, you will find the right course for you in Valencia.

Language schools in Valencia are very well established, they know the keys to a successful learning environment are: an interactive and dynamic method; the high quality of our native, qualified , experienced teachers chosen by an extensive selection process; and a personalized attention which assesses the needs of each student. Learning a new language requires motivation and confidence of teachers which are there to encourage new students and help them in this fascinating process.

Most schools are located near the lively shopping pedestrian streets in Valencia, right in the heart of the city, just 5 minutes walk from " La plaza del Ayuntamiento" ( the main square in Valencia), and 10 minutes away from the beach by underground. Unlike other, larger cities, Spanish schools in Valencia will come across as friendly having a family-style atmosphere. Staff will be on hand to welcome you and assist you at any time. 



Top Reasons to Study Spanish in Valencia

  • Located close to the coast
  • Competitive course prices
  • Lots of things to do in your spare time like watching football
  • Make friends with other students from all over the world
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Good connects to other destinations in Spain
  • Valencia is located very close to the Balearic islands which can be a great excursion in your spare time



Recommended Spanish Language Schools in Valencia



What will you learn

You will learn a lot from speaking to grammar, but it is important to choose the right course for you. Most of the time beginners classes are for around 1-4 hours per day which can either be tiring, or too fast/slow depending on your level. Be sure to get lots of rest and relaxation to give your brain a rest. As time goes you will feel more confident speaking and practising in groups - be sure to try to chat to people in shops and outside of the language school too. If you don't feel that confident, don't worry there is no pressure speaking and teachers have experience helping all abilities.




  • Course Start Dates: Usually Monday, every week of the year
  • Lesson Duration: Generally 50 minutes for group classes and slightly longer for private classes
  • Class Size: Average 6; Maximum 12 
  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Schedule: Morning or Afternoon (schedule determined by your school). Private lessons can be in the evening
  • Suggested Check-In: One day earlier




  • Share
  • Homestays
  • Private room/appartment




The price you pay usually depends on the course, school and duration. You will usually need to pay a registration fee which include:

  • Course Material, Welcome Pack, Orientation, City Center Walking Tour, free Wi-Fi, Computers and Internet Access, Free and Low-Cost Activities, Support Services, 24/7 Emergency Line and a Course Certificate

Courses can be booked in Euros or other currencies if booked online through our website



Discounted / Free Spanish Lessons in Valencia

Discounts are applicable when classes are booked by more than one person. Some schools offer incentives live free lessons if you recommend friends or other people who sign up.


How to get to Valencia

There are cheap flights from Europe to Valencia or other nearby locations like Alicante. Valencia is only a few hours away by train from Madrid and Barcelona so you could also fly into these destinations to see a little more of Spain.



Help / Advice

If you need any help booking a Spanish course in Valencia please get in touch.



Valencia Spanish School Reviews

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