How to Work as an Au-Pair in Spain

Au Pair Jobs in Spain

If you would like to work as an au-pair or nanny in Spain you can apply through our website and secure a job before departing. We do recommend just turning up in Spain and seeking au-pair jobs, this can be tough especially if you do not have a good grasp of the Spanish language.


Best Time to Apply

You can apply and start working all year round, summer is a really popular period and be sure to get your application in early if you want to start during this period.


Popular Places to Apply

You could be placed with a family anywhere in Spain, unless you reject a placement or specify a specific location you would like to work. Most people choose to work as au-pairs in the larger cities like Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia



Work as a nanny or au pair in Spain

Some agencies will require you to commit to a minimum of 4 weeks. Most employers and families like a long term commitment of at least 3 months+.

Au pair summer jobs usually involve signing a relatively short-term contract for just a few months. Sometimes these short term au pair positions in Spain can be extended and works well for both you and your family. You can see if you are enjoying the experience whilst they do not need to commit to offering a long term contract if they don't think you are right for them.


Visa, Eligibility & Qualifications

If you are from a non-EU country you will need to apply for a Spanish work visa. You will need to check online to see if your country is eligible. With the current visa requirements you will need to book a Spanish course in Spain and you will get to stay for up to 3 months.

You do not need any previous formal qualifications to apply and if you are from the UK or an Eu country then no visa is needed. If you have any references from previous employment or with other families this can really boost your chances of getting a au pair position in Espana.


Application Process

This is what to expect when applying:

  • You will need to complete an online application form. After receiving the application form au pair agencies will check and process your application immediately. Host families choose au-pairs on the documents you supply and so you will need to make a strong convincing application to stand a good chance of getting employment. Try to be friendly and make a good impression with your agency from the start.
  • You might need to supply references - usually not written by a friend or family member so possibly someone from your college, university who someone who works in a professional environment.
  • As soon as an agency has match you to a suitable family, you might be required to complete another application form and also agree to the placement.
  • The au-pair agency with speak to you and the host family and finalise the placement.
  • You will get a written confirmation of the placement and a departure date will be decided
  • If either you, or the host family decline the placement you will be matched to a different family
  • When a date of arrival is agreed, you will be asked to make his/her travel arrangements and let your agency know. They will then pass this onto the host family and they can make preparations for your arrival.
  • You agency will check with you and your family to see if everything is going okay once you have been placed
  • If you are unhappy in the placement you can leave and try to find a different family
  • Please allow at least three to four weeks for the au-pair placement procedure


Application Fees

Sometimes you will need to pay a fee to participate on an au-pair program. This can vary depending on the agency.



The most common question we get asked is how much will I get paid to work as an au pair or nanny in Spain. It really depends on the employer but don't expect to get paid a huge amount. As a general guide you can expect a pocket money or salary of around €75 - €200 per week. This position is more about the experience of living in Spain and remember housing and food will be free so you should be able to save money.

If you would like to earn more you might consider a part time role in your spare time or apply to teach English in Spain. Also although you will be getting paid for these positions, you should also have some savings and take additional spending money with you so in your spare time you can take part in sightseeing, shopping or activities which your family probably wont cover.


Do I need to Speak Spanish?

Most families and employers are Spanish and so to give yourself the best chance to get a job you should at least know the basics on the language. There are also lots of expat families who live in Spain where you won’t necessarily need to speak any Spanish, but still, to make the whole experience of living and working in Spain easier buy a phrase book or practise. It is recommended you book a Spanish language course in Spain to enhance your chances of getting employment.


Top Rated Spanish Au Pair Agencies

There are lots of online and in-country agencies offering this positions throughout the country in places like Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Valencia. You can browse these companies on our directory.


Duties & Role

You will be expected to look after a children or children, roles can vary depending on the family. Tasks can include making meals, collecting children from school, going on days out, maybe teaching English and being a friendly face around the house creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Spanish families are usually very friendly and open to talking to you about any problems you have.

Most issues or misunderstandings can be avoided through talking and knowing exactly what is expected of you, in your first few days try to get as much details as possible to avoid future problems or disputes. If you are every in doubt don't be affraid to ask or speak with the parents.


Spain Au Pair Agency Reviews

If you have ever been to au-pair in Spain and would like to write about your experience, review / recommend an agency or share any advice consider writing an article for our website.


Help & Advice

If you need any help getting a placement to work as an au-pair in Spain please get in touch.