Au Pair Jobs in Europe

Au Pair Jobs in Europe

People come from all over the world to work as nannies or au-pairs in Europe and most nationalities can apply. This continent attracts both internal au-pairs from Europe and other worldwide countries like Brazil. You will get to live and work in a new country learning about a different culture and even possibly a new language. 


Popular Places in Europe to Work as an Au-Pair


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Benefits of Applying through an Agency

  • Agencies usually make the whole process of working as an au pair easier, they generally provide:
  • Host family screened by local representatives
  • Information about international visas, labour laws, and residential permits
  • Pre-departure and ongoing local support once in your destination
  • 24 hours hotline in case of emergency
  • Social events
  • Contact details of other au pairs in your area


Salary for Working as an Au Pair in Europe

If you are looking to work in Europe and considering other jobs then you should remember, although these might be paid more your accommodation and living costs will also be high so it balances out about even or a bit more to working as an au pair. 



“I decided to be an Au Pair as I felt that the job would be a very rewarding learning experience; the different culture and being away from home and family for a year, potentially two, is such a worthy way to spend time in your life.” - Emily, Wales


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