5 Things You Will Love About Au Pairing in the USA

5 Things You Will Love About Au Pairing in the USA

Jessica Benson has been working as an au pair in the USA and has enjoyed the experience so much she wanted to share her top benefits of applying. If you are wondering why you should go and work as an au pair in America hopefully Jessica's list will inspire you to do something similar...


1. The USA is a Country With a Lot of Variety!

Every state is different and worth traveling. Many Americans don´t even travel out of the country because America has so much to offer. You can travel to breathtaking cities like New York, LA or Miami or you can go for a hike at the Yosemite National Park or what about a roadtrip along the west coast in your travel month? You can have sun all year long in the sunshine state Florida or snow in the winter in Washington. Not only the nature and climate can be different in every state, also the mentality of the people is different and that makes it really interesting.


2. Friendly People

Americans are generally really open, friendly and helpful people and always open for a small talk. I can´t speak for every state but where I have been the people were mostly very friendly and happy to tell you about their country.


3. Make New Friends

America is popular for a lot of au pairs so it´s easy to find other au pairs and the programs have a lot of experience with having au pairs in America so you will feel safe and you will never feel alone.


4. You Get to See NYC

Most flights to the USA arrive into New York which is an amazing city. If you apply with the Cultural Care Au Pair Agency their training school in New York! A great bonus about going to America as an au pair is the training school in New York where you not only meet other au pairs from all over the world but also getting prepared for the upcoming time and you will get a first impression of New York.


5. The Chance to Travel

Reasons to Au Pair in USA

The travel month! Your visa allows you to stay one more month after your au pair time which you can use to travel the country and explore areas you have only dreamed of before. Totally independent and organised by yourself and your friends or as an au pair adventures tour you can travel the country.

By Jessica Benson

If you would be interested in applying view our seasonal jobs in the USA or au pair jobs abroad.


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