Fronteering runs volunteer abroad projects and adventure travel trips that are off the beaten path in places less visited that are still wild and unspoiled where there is more to lose but through our combined efforts also more to achieve.

We run volunteer programs and trips in remote places from the Canadian Arctic to the deepest reaches of the Amazon jungle in unspoiled Guyana. All our projects and trips focus on wildlife, the environment and indigenous people.

We select our projects and locations on the following criteria:

  • True good causes
  • Safety
  • A real adventure
  • Off the beaten path
  • Community involvement


Where does the money go?

Most of our costs involved to arrange your experience is spend on location in the destination of your choice. In most cases meals, accommodation, airport pickups, in-country transfers (by boats, horses, 4x4, busses, helicopters and light aircrafts), community donations, guides, safety measures, in-country coordinators, 24/7 emergency service, excursions and orientations are included.

On average over half of the fees you pay to take part in our volunteer abroad projects or adventure travel trips is spend in the country of your destination for your support, safety and experience.

Working in these remote destinations is often quite costly as things like transfers and accommodation can be more difficult to organize. The rest of the fee is spent on marketing, administrative support and of course a small profit to be able to sustain and grow the business.