Volunteer now and enjoy the picturesque Children’s Autism & Horse Therapy Ranch, tucked away between the rolling hills of beautiful southern Mississippi! Here you have an amazing opportunity to volunteer at a 200‐acre ranch (with an additional 800 acre to ride or hike on) and spend all day around amazing horses!

You’ll also be working alongside an amazing team all working towards a worthwhile cause of ranch therapy which makes a difference for kids with special needs. The Children’s Autism & Horse Therapy USA focuses on helping all children with autism and other special needs and is free to every child that is in dire need of some help. This method done by the project has proven over the years to produce good results however, with additional help form you we can make an even bigger positive impact on the lives of these kids!

Your role as a volunteer will be incorporated in the daily work on the ranch. You will be involved in the care of the horses and other therapy animals such as; cats, dogs and goats including the maintenance of their surrounding/environment and you’ll also assist in the therapy sessions. it is important to keep in mind that this program is not a "riding camp".

Instead it is about making sure the therapy horses and other therapy animals gets the best possible care so they are ready for their work with the kids and as a bonus you get to go on one trail ride every week!