Volunteer with local Amerindian communities to help sustain the Amazon rainforest, its wildlife and the Amerindian way of life!

Venture to Guyana to work together with local Amerindian Communities and Help set up a sustainable eco-friendly infrastructure within their community through construction, maintenance, wildlife research & monitoring!

Depending on your skills, interest and experience, the projects you are involved in will vary and could include anything from supporting the Eco-lodge with marketing skills, helping teach children and adults valuable IT skills or trekking into the forest to sensitively build wildlife viewing camps.

This Is Why

  • Experience life in the amazing jungles of South America, a lost world teeming with wildlife
  • Sleep in hammocks amongst the trees and wake up to a serenade of monkeys, birds and cicadas
  • Volunteer alongside local Amerindian people, enabling them to develop sustainable eco-tourism and protect their way of life.
  • Help to save the Amazon rainforest!

In order to prevent the threat of logging and mining in these precious areas, the local Amerindian communities need to build some eco-tourism infrastructure so that they can sensitively benefit from this incredible resource without destroying it.

Without the infrastructure there is no way to attract tourists to the area or to support them when they arrive. The communities do not have the resources to develop this infrastructure themselves which is where they need your support. With the time and skills of volunteers like you they have the opportunity to create facilities and activities for Guyana is already starting to develop and tourism will increase.

We want to ensure that this is done in the best way possible in order to protect the traditional way of life for Amerindian communities and also protect the precious tropical rainforest and it’s extraordinary biodiversity.


Some of the projects you could get involved in:

  • Building Additional accommodation benabs for tourists
  • Constructing various buildings and infrastructure to support the amerindian community.
  • Teaching the villagers basic skills in IT, marketing and tourism
  • Making Wildlife and forest trails
  • Wildlife monitoring programs
  • Constructing Overnight cabins in the forest
  • Building Bird / animal spotting hides
  • Building Tree top hides / viewing platforms
  • Constructig Extra accommodation at the lodge
  • Constructing Pedestrian bridges over the many creeks
  • And many other projects to benefit the local Amerindian communities

During this volunteer experience you will stay in hammocks and have the opportunity to be immersed in local life. Learn from these fascinating people about ancient legends, the medicinal properties of rare flora and extraordinary wildlife facts and sightings that you will find nowhere else. We concentrate on things that work, not that look fancy. This is the real stuff!

Are you ready for a true adventure to learn about new cultures and live amongst a vast variety wildlife while saving the Amazon jungle and it’s people?