This placement gives the volunteer an incredible opportunity to make a significant difference to a remote and valuable Amerindian community in the rainforests and savannahs of Guyana. The villages need enthusiastic volunteers who can become involved in community life while taking on a regular role in the school, as an assistant to the teachers.

Our volunteers stay with a host family and help around the home. Daily chores may include; helping to catch fish and learning to prepare local meals. There would also be the opportunity to get involved in other projects in the village on a case by case basis.

This Is Why

  • Experience the amazing life in the jungles and savannahs of South America, a lost world teeming with wildlife.
  • Feel the comfort of sleeping in hammocks amongst the trees and wake up to a serenade of monkeys, birds and cicadas.
  • Volunteer alongside local Amerindian people, enabling them to develop sustainable eco-tourism and protect their way of life!
  • Teach the Indigenous people and help a native Amerindian Community in need!