Amazon Guide Brazil

Company : Fronteering
Location : Brazil, Amazon, Manaus
Duration: 4 weeks to 4 weeks
Approx Costs: 1750 to 1750 $ Dollars (US)

Travel to Brazil one of the world’s largest countries in to the heart of the worlds largest jungle: the Amazon.

Learn Portuguese, teach the staff English, educate the public about the importance to sustain the Amazon and assist as a guide in overnight survival trips!

The Amazon jungle, one the last great wildernesses left in this world is getting cut down day by day at an alarming rate! By giving the jungle a value through sustainable eco-tourism and education more land can be protected to preserve this beautiful and amazing place! How can you help?

By joining this project and educating tourist and locals about the importance of the Amazon Jungle! How will you do this? Through volunteering at an eco-tourism organization who educates through overnight survival trips in the Amazing Amazon Jungle! Are you up to the adventure then sign up now for this amazing volunteer abroad project!

This Is Why

  • Educate tourist and locals about the importance to sustain the Amazon Jungle!
  • Teach English to the guides.
  • Learn Portuguese and learn how to survive in the Amazon Jungle.
  • Assist as a guide on jungle survival trips.
  • Sleep overnight in hammocks in the Jungle under the light of a thousand stars!
  • Wake up to the sounds of hundreds of birds and other animals!
  • Play with monkeys at a rescue & rehabilitation center!

Projects you will mainly be involved in: 

  • Learn how to survive in the Amazon jungle
  • Assist with 2 days and overnight jungle survival trips
  • Train with local military survival experts
  • Teach English
  • Learn Portuguese
  • Educate locals and tourist about the importance to sustain the environment
  • And many other projects!

Start Dates

All year round

Costs / Benefits

Package Price: 4 Weeks: $1765.00 CA
• Affordable accommodation and meals included in the placement including the use of internet (when in Manaus)
• Join the organizations trips in to the jungle and sleep in Hammocks!
• Volunteer with local experts of a survival and Jungle Rescue team division
• Gain experience in the outdoor adventure eco-tourism industry


• Required to commit to a duration of 4 weeks
• Strong work ethics are required: reliable, responsible, honest, good sense of humor, dependable, physically and mentally fit
• Age: 19-35
• Good knowledge of the English language, some knowledge of Portuguese is a plus.
• Outdoor skills preferred
• Make sure to contact your local health organization to inquire about the needed/recommended vaccinations and medicine

Booking / Enquiry

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