Check out our list of unique and amazing things you can do for couples in destinations all around the world. Our list includes options for couples of all ages whether you have a week or a longer period available to explore.

We hope to inspire you to do something different and go back home with memories to last a lifetime.


1. Book a Tour

Koh Phi Phi

If you are looking to explore the world we recommend booking a group toup.

Popular tours and trips include island hopping in Thailand, trekking up to Maccu Picchu in Peru, sailing the Greek islands or going on a road trip in north America.

Our website features tour operators and so many incredible small group overland trips, the hard part is deciding where to go.


2. Apply for Summer Jobs Abroad

Koh Samui

Looking to escape your home town? Or want to live abroad? There are lots of flexible and temporary summer jobs available in the UK all over the world.

One of the most popular jobs for students include spending time working at a summer camp. This is one of the most enjoyable jobs in the world and thousands of people apply every year! There are camp counselor, sports coaching and other positions available at camps in North America, Europe and worldwide.

Most people find this to be their number one best experience during summer. You'll get paid to have a lot of fun!


3. Volunteer 

Elephant Sanctuary Thailand

We have incredible volunteer programs in the UK, Europe, Africa and worldwide which allow you to be more than a tourist and see more of the destination you visit.

There are short and long trips available and so much choice too. You could help disadvantaged communities, improve the environment, volunteer with wildlife - just  to name a few opportunities.

We could recommend hundreds of amazing projects but some to consider include going to volunteer with elephants in Thailand.


4. Teach Abroad

There are short term teaching jobs all around the world. Usually you will need to have a TEFL certification course to be eligible, these can be taken in a classroom or online.

Some companies offer teaching internships and short term summer placements perfect if you would like to gain experience and help others learn whilst also getting to live abroad.


5. Study

Study again? Isn't summer meant to be a break? Yes. But why not learn a language for example!

On our website we list summer study abroad programs and summer language schools who offer lessons where you can live abroad a learn a new language.

This can be a really fun experience where you will improve your lingo skills, make new friends and experience living somewhere different. 


6. Get a New Hobby

There are so many If you like adventure you might want to book a scuba diving holiday in an amazing place like the Bay Islands, Honduras - this is highly recomended. 


7. Write For Our Website

We are always on the look out for talent writers and bloggers to share experience or just write about travel destinations and activities. View more information about becoming a travel writer for One World 365 or contact us for more information.


8. Plan a Mini Gap Year

Sydney ferry

If after uni or college you would like an extended break, summer is the perfect time to start planning that dream gap year trip away. Research companies, buy guidebooks and start gathering ideas.


9. Gain Work Experience or Intern

Hong Kong skyline night

There are lots of flexible and jobs in the UK, Europe and other worldwide destinations.

Popular options for summer include working as a teacher, nanny or au-pair in a city like Paris or even travel further and work in Australia!

Other opportunities including working at ski resort in New Zealand to traveling down under and applying for a work and travel program in Canada.

Most working holidays are flexible in duration so you could spend 3 months abroad. There are also lots of summer internships for students perfect if you would like to boost your CV.


10. Have No Regrets

Whatever you end up doing, just make sure you do something rather than just sitting at home watching tv. Get out, go to a festival, book an experience with our website and live life with no regrets. 

These are just a few of the ideas we have selected, please view our website for a full list of ideas.