We have put together a guide to the best countries in the world to work as an au pair or nanny.

Our list includes popular au pair destinations in Europe and worldwide for EU and non-EU citizens in terms of salary, working hours, lifestyle, experience and opportunities available.

Please note when working abroad as an au pair or nanny salaries and working hours can really vary depending on the agency/family, rough guide. 

View our top rated destinations below:


1. USA

NYC tourist

Going to work in the USA is an incredible experience, you won't want to leave.

There are USA au pair jobs located throughout the country and lots of local and international agencies recruit staff all year round. Expect to get paid around $750-$900 per month with an average working week of around 45 hours per week.

One of the main benefits of choosing this country is you will get to see world famous destinations in your spare time like New York, LA and Chicago. 


2. France

Paris tourist Eiffel Tower

Imagine waking up and living in a city like Paris! You can turn this dream into a reality by apply to work as an au pair in France.

Discover an amazing country, being a part of a French family, improving your French, having a wonderful experience. These types of working holidays in France are very popular.


3. Australia

Byron Bay

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and there are placements in cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Australia working holiday visas are open to people aged 18-30 and there are lots of eligible nationalities.

By working in Australia as an au pair you will get a salary around $600-$900 a month with a 30 hour working week. This is also perfect if you are looking to spend a gap year in Australia. View working holidays in Australia.


4. Netherlands

Amsterdam Best Attractions Canals

The Netherlands is a popular destination for international au pairs from outside of the EU, hundreds of au pairs from countries like Brazil apply every year.

There is a high standard of living and beautiful cities like Amsterdam. If this country appeals view au pair jobs in Netherlands today.


5. China

Shanghai skyline night

Looking for a different destination where you can experience a totally unique culture? Consider applying for au pair jobs in China!

There are childcare jobs in China for foreigners throughout the country for internationals even if you don't speak Mandarin. Most positions are found in the larger cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong where you will live with local families who will be very welcoming.

If the idea of au pairing doesn't appeal to you then you might want to consider teaching English in China which is another popular employment route into the country.


6. Spain

Barcelona beach

Spain is one of our top rated countries to work as an au pair due to the modern cities, sunny weather, tasty food and friendly people.

There are summer jobs in Spain and also year round au pair and nanny positions for students and internationals. Most positions are for English speakers but there is also the option to combine experiences and book a Spanish language course in Spain to improve your local lingo.

You could find yourself placed with a family in a city like Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. Find au pair jobs in Spain.


7. Canada

Toronto skyline

There are so many reasons why you should want to work in Canada. This country is spectacular and you will get free time to explore more of your surroundings. You will need to be aged 18-35 and from an eligible country to apply. There are seasonal jobs in Canada in cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec, Ottawa and Calgary. 


8. Switzerland

Geneva Old Townv

With high salaries and one of the best qualities of life in the world it is easy to see why au pair jobs in Switzerland are so popular. Zurich, Geneva and Basel and some of the most popular cities to work.


9. Denmark

Keen to work as an au pair in Europe? Denmark has one of the most relaxed cultures in the world with friendly people and cultured cities like Copenhagen. Usually you will be expected to work around 25-30 hours per week and salaries are around $500-$800 per month. You will need to be aged 17-29 to be eligible for a work permit.


10. United Kingdom

Piccadilly Circus London

The UK is a popular destination for international au pairs who are keen to learn or improve language skills.

Most positions can be found in London and living here as an au pair means you get free accommodation and the chance to experience the highlights of this world class city.

This is one of the best seasonal jobs in the UK and very popular with both Europeans and internationals.


11. New Zealand

Auckland skyline night

Ask anyone who has been to New Zealand and they will highly recommend visitng the country. New Zealand with a population of around 4 million people is very peaceful and scenic.

Working as an au pair is popular with people taking gap years in New Zealand because it allows you to get free accommodation meaning you can save money for travels. There are positions throughout the country in places like Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown.


12. Germany

Berlin skyline night

If working in Germany as a nanny or au pair appeals to you there is a work permit available to EU, non EU, EEA nationals aged between 18 and 24. Salaries can be around 300 euros per month with free accommodation with seasonal-jobs-working-holidays available in places like Munich, Hanburg and Berlin. Apply to work as an au pair in Germany.

Interested in searching more positions worldwide? Search au pair jobs abroad today.


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