Volunteer in Austria

Apply to volunteer in Austria. Search projects and organisations who offer summer and year round programs. Find structured, low cost and free volunteer opportunities in Austria. Volunteering in Austria is very rewarding, there are community and conservation projects available all year round. View our guide to volunteering in Austria, get your application read and apply today for a life changing experience.


Volunteer Programs in Austria

Volunteer in Austria

Volunteer in Austria

Spend time volunteering in Austria? Really? Isn't this just an active holiday destination? Well you might be surprised to learn you can spend an extended time working as a volunteer in Austria - there are short and long term programs available and people come from all around the world to spend time here. Programs are located throughout the country in big cities like Vienna and in smaller towns like Harberg. Read our guide to volunteering in Austria and apply today.

You can help community, agriculture, educational and teaching efforts working to improve life for local children and people. You might get to help people learn English or helping children learn in a structure environment or just be a general assistant providing guidance and helping out with team tasks. There are also placements in farms and vineyards where you can help tidying, constructing new enclosures, looking after animals and helping local farmers prepare for planting crops. 



Volunteer in Vienna, Austria

Volunteer in Vienna

Vienna is a really popular destination to apply to volunteer, there are placements available all year round, some projects are open to native English speakers who would like to help children with their education and also organise fun leisure activities. Summer programs are very popular so get your application in early.


Start Dates & What to Expect

Start dates are very flexible, you can apply in advance through our website and arrange a start date for a future date, on most placements you will be expected to work around 15 hours per week. 


Eligibility & Requirements

No previous experience is required but you will usually need to be aged 18+. Some organisations might want a commitment of 1 - 3 months but there are alternative shorter options. On arrival you will be given full training and an orientation meeting other staff and coordinators, 



Home stays are available which is our top recommendation for cultural immersion but b&b, hostel, hotel and other shared accommodation is available.



We highly recommend you buy a phrase book or try to learn local phrases on arrival, most people in the country speak a little English but it is polite to speak the native language. Please note you will not need to be fluent in German to apply but knowing the basics helps.


Group Volunteering Programs Austria

How to Apply

Search our featured projects or use our advance search to contact local organisations. You can enquire for more information, register your interest of apply today. 




Help / Advice

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Feedback / Testimonials

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