If you are seeking to see stunning European scenery and like being in the outdoors Austria will appeal to you. There are backpacking and unique holiday ideas all year round, from skiing / snowboarding in the Alps during winter to going walking and trekking in the warmer months. Austria appeals for so many reasons, you could join a ski holiday and learn the basics. Local people are very friendly especially if you learn some basic local words and phrases. If you are from either the EU or US you can enter Austria without needing to get a visa in advance. 


Activities, Travel Ideas & Holidays in Austria

Discover Austria with our authentic holidays & travel packages.

Austria Travel Guide

Austria Travel Guide

  • Capital - Vienna
  • Currency - Euro (€)
  • Size - 83,870 km2
  • Population - 8,404,000 (approx)
  • Language - German (official)
  • International Dailing Code +43



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