What Are CELTA Courses

Are you thinking what is a CELTA course? Is worth buying one? Is a CELTA certification a better program than just having a TEFL course?

CELTA literally translates as 'Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults' which is provided through the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate. Getting a CELTA qualification is perfect if you are looking to teach abroad and stand out in the recruitment crowd. CELTA courses are internationally recognized and highly respected and help you to learn new skills, pick up new techniques and boost career prospects. This is one of the most trusted qualifications and the benchmark for what a lot of TEFL recruiters look for. 


Where Can You Take a CELTA Course?

CELTA courses can be taken in a classroom in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Where you take a CELTA course really comes down to personal preference.


What You Will Learn

On a CELTA course you will get to understand the main principles of teaching techniques. You will be taught by a qualified professional tutor who will be able to teach and demonstrate practical skills and methods used when leading English lessons to adults. This course is highly respected where you will learn a lot whilst also gaining lots of hands-on experience. The CELTA course provides experience and ideas for you to comfortably lead lessons in classes or during private lessons.

Courses can be taken in a classroom or online. During the course, you will usually have 100+ hours of contact with trainers. There are also written assignments to complete. Obtaining a CELTA qualification is more difficult than a cheap online TEFL course but it is worth it. This course will really help if you are looking for esl employment abroad, as it is recognised by organisations worldwide who hire English teachers.



Some organisations also require you to have this certification for certain English jobs. You will need to dedicate 4 weeks to taking and completing this course which has a minimum time frame of 140 hours. This is quite a commitment but it is worth it, and no previous experience is needed but you will need to be aged 18+.



The cost of a CELTA course is generally more than normal TEFL courses as this is a more comprehensive qualification. Prices vary depending on the company and location.


CELTA Course Reviews

"CELTA and Trinity are the two most widely recognised certificates. They require you to undertake a 4-5 week full time course. Once you have one of them you can obtain TEFL / ELT / TESOL work far more easily." - Ryan, UK



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