Why Becoming a TEFL Teacher Will Change Your Life

Why Becoming a TEFL Teacher Will Change Your Life

There are many different reasons why people decide to become TEFL teachers such as wanting to experience living in a different country and wanting to make a difference to others lives. One thing is for sure being a TEFL Teacher will change your life forever.

No matter whether you decide to teach in a foreign country for a few weeks or a few years the experiences you go through and encounter on a daily basis will make you see life differently. The journey from start to finish is unbelievably rewarding, no two days will ever be the same and you personally see the difference that you are making to individuals lives. Nothing is more rewarding then seeing children as young as four who at first could not speak a word of English confidently approach you and ask a question that you have taught them. 


Starting Out

Undoubtedly day one will seem daunting but your reception at the school will be incredibly welcoming.  You will be treated like a ‘celebrity’ it may be overwhelming but get used to it as this treatment will continue throughout your time at the school. You probably will have never smiled and waved at so many people in one day. In a short space of time the students who were once mere strangers will become a massive part of your life and they are the ones who shape and mould your teaching adventure abroad. Their unwavering optimism, pure intelligence and unconditional kindness will be evident on a daily basis and make teaching English as a foreign language a truly unforgettable experience.


Working Abroad

Living in a foreign country especially one less affluent than your own, will change your perspective on many things. Be prepared that you will now be a foreigner and it is up to you to immerse yourself and become a part of that new culture. There are bound to be more differences compared to similarities and this might be challenging at times but learn to accept, relax and embrace life as a foreigner. 


Teaching is Really Rewarding

If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference or change your life become a TEFL teacher. You won’t look back, it will open your eyes to many things you can do some of which you probably thought were never possible. Day one you may be walking into a classroom of thirty students who can’t speak a word of English by the time it is your last day you will be walking out of that classroom with a huge sense of achievement. You will have an impact on many students’ lives and unknowingly they will have an impact on yours. Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you, now is the time to make the difference, why wait until tomorrow?

By Levi Atkin


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