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Thinking about teaching English abroad? We bet you probably haven't even considered Australia as a likely destination. But if you would like to teach English overseas there are teaching jobs available in Australia. The job market here can be competative, remember this is an English speaking nation and just because you have a TEFL course won't guarantee you gain employment unless you work hard.


Teaching, Language & TEFL Jobs in Australia

Teaching Jobs Australia

Why the Need for English Teachers in Australia

There are various places you can work teaching English including to new immigrants who are looking to settle in this country, these can be very rewarding experiences. There are also positions at universities and languages schools throughout the country where you can lead lessons helping people from places like Korea, China, Japan, India, Europe and South America who are looking to improve their English skills. You might be working around 4-5 days per week around 9am to 3pm but sometimes hours can be flexible and changable. If you are not already certified you might like to book a TEFL course in Australia.



Where to Seek ESL Employment in Australia

You can apply for jobs in various cities and more rural locations, or if you are seeking a fresh adventure a popular destination for people who are already qualified is to go and teach English in Asia. But note once you have a TEFL course you will be able to apply for employment anywhere in the world. Some companies offer TEFL job packages for Australia which include orientation, contracts and job guarantee before departure, visa, support, accommodation, transport between centres, optional excursions and competative salaries.

You might want to be independent and contact the following instiutions in Australia who hire TEFL teachers:

  • English Language Centre - Monash College - Clayton campus and CBD - Melbourne - VIC
  • UNSW Institute of Languages - Kensington and Randwick - NSW
  • Victoria University English (VUE)
  • QUT International College - Brisbane - Queensland
  • Macquarie University IELTS Test Centre
  • Australian International College of English - Sydney - NSW



Top Tips for Getting TEFL Employment in Auestralia

To stand the best chance of getting a job you will need to be:

  • A native English speaker
  • Have a TEFL, or sometimes higher like a CELTA qualification
  • Have a degree standard education
  • Got at least one years experience
  • If you are an international you might be eligible for a working holiday visa
  • Having any of these will also put you at an advantage - Cambridge Exams, IELTS, Academic English (EAP) & Business English experience




Permanent long term positions can be difficult to secure you will find lots of short and flexible contracts. Wages are generally around AU$17 per hour or around $30-$70 if you have experience and top qualifications.



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