How & Where to Teach English Abroad without a Degree

How & Where to Teach English Abroad without a Degree

If you have always wanted to teach English overseas but you thought not having a degree will hold you back? Think again! Although a lot of countries have strict requirements like having a formal college/university degree, other destinations are more relaxed with eligibly criteria and there are lots of places you can seek English teaching employment. We have put together a list of countries around the world which hire English teachers without a degree, these are places you might want to consider applying. If you are wondering what countries you can teach English abroad without a degree our guide should help you.


Top destinations to teach if you don't have a degree



Teach in Asia with a degree


Asia is one of the best places to teach English without a degree due to the amount of jobs available. The following destinations are highly recommended:



Teach in Europe without a degree


A lot of destinations in Europe will require a degree but don't be put off, as the following countries hire English teachers without degrees.



Teach Latin America with out a Degree

Latin America

In Central and South America there are lots of countries which accept teachers without bachelors degrees including:




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