Where You Can Teach English without a Degree

Where You Can Teach English without a Degree

Are you wondering if you need a bachelors degree to teach overseas? Worried if not having a degree will hold you back? Think again! Although a lot of countries have strict requirements, some destinations are more relaxed with eligibly criteria and there are lots of places you can seek English teaching employment. We have put together a list of countries around the world which hire English teachers without a degree, these are places you might want to consider applying. 


Is it Possible to Teach English Abroad without a College/University Degree?

Are you wondering if you can teach English abroad without a college degree? There are lots of overseas teaching opportunities and every country has different requirements for those who aim to work as English instructors. Some countries will expect English teachers to hold a four-year degree due to Government restrictions or visa requirements. But, don’t let this hold you back. There are several countries across the globe where you can live, travel around and explore whilst teaching English, without the need of a university degree.

Throughout South America, Europe and Asia the list of countries where you can be hired as an English teacher is extensive. A bachelor degree is not an essential requirement and what you will need is to hold a accredited teaching qualification. Countries like China, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Russia and Spain are listed among the most popular destinations for English teachers without a college degree. These countries are also the ones in greater need and high demand of English instructors.


Top Destinations to Teach English If You Don't Have a Degree

If you are wondering what countries you can teach English abroad without a degree our guide should help you.


Teach in Asia with a degree


Asia is one of the best places to teach English without a degree due to the amount of jobs available. The following destinations are highly recommended:


Teach in Europe without a degree


A lot of destinations in Europe will require a degree but don't be put off, as the following countries hire English teachers without degrees.


Teach Latin America with out a Degree

Latin America

In Central and South America there are lots of countries which accept teachers without bachelors degrees including:


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