5 Things I Learned Teaching in China

5 Things I Learned Teaching in China

After deciding to teach English in China, the questions I was asked the most were why had I chosen China and why had I decided to work as a teacher. Before I left, I found these questions hard to answer as the only reason I had was a strong feeling that it was something I should do. Now these are the easiest to answer. 

Before you teach in China, check out 5 things I learned from the program and what you should expect if you are considering a similar experience...


1. People & Students

The Chinese people are friendly and accommodating, the students are positive and happy. What I learnt teaching abroad in China still impacts my life at home and I am more than grateful for what the students taught me while I was teaching them. 


2. Size of China

There is so much variety in China it’s easy to forget it is one country. I taught in Yunnan province and there are so many places to see here and in other places!


3. Best Things I Did On My Gap Year

For me, this is what made my gap year a truly meaningful travel experience. If you are looking for a way to spend your gap year I couldn't recommend this experience highly enough. It was the highlight of my time away.


4. Cultural Immersion

Teaching in China puts you right at the heart of Chinese lifestyle. I learnt more than I ever could as a tourist looking in from the outside, and being part of a community allowed me to see how rural towns work. 


5. Change Your Perceptions

The most important thing that I brought back with me is what I immediately tell people about the experience: China is nothing like the perception that I had, and I assume many have, before visiting. China has a fascinating and ancient culture, one that really opened my eyes.


By Emily Ferris 



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