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At Topdeck our passion is providing unforgettable travel adventures across the globe for 18 to 30-somethings. 

We offer a range of exciting trips in Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Egypt & the Middle East, North America and Africa. Some roads aren't meant to be travelled alone! Explore. Enjoy. Share the experience with Topdeck.

Topdeck has been providing young travellers with amazing experiences across the globe for 40 years now. The first trip went out in 1973 in a double decker bus from London to Morocco and since then, we haven't stopped growing and perfecting the trips that we offer. Whether you want an active holiday, a cultural experience or simply to sail into the sunset, Topdeck has something to offer everyone. 

Our trips range from 4 day festivals in Europe to 58 day overland safaris in Africa. There's a lot to choose from!

It's important to remember that holidays and travelling is all about YOU! We make sure that you have enough freedom and flexibility to explore each destination the way you want to. We'll sort your transport and accommodation and our trip leaders will point out the must see places and those off the beaten track gems too. You will be travelling with a group of like minded people, making friends for life.

We will also ensure that you experience the culture of each destination through the local food that is included and all those extra special experiences we include. Sleeping in a 12th century castle in Germany, sailing around the Whitsundays in Australia, trekking in the Grand Canyon, spotting the big 5 in Africa, exploring ancient ruins in Egypt, the list goes on!

So check out your options and start ticking off that bucket list!

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Topdeck Travel Reviews

Best Experience of my Life

My tour with Topdeck was my first experience overseas, and I could not have asked for anything better. I did the 21 day tour through Europe called Eastern Pathways and had the absolute time of my life. My tour leader was informative and helpful, the chef was incredible and the driver went above and beyond. They were all the loveliest people! All in all, I couldn’t recommend Topdeck highly enough.

By: Chloe
Nationality: Australian
Age: 23

My Topdeck review

I could not recommend Topdeck more! The Road to Athens tour was the best 4 weeks of my life. So fun and eye opening. I went by myself and was pretty scared but as soon as I met people it was so fun. Only regret is not doing a longer trip.

By: Thea Tremain
Nationality: Australian
Age: 20

Topdeck X2

Amazing!! I loved Topdeck so much! I went to Egypt in June 2017 with a friend and we had a blast on the Nile Cruise trip. I loved it so much that I booked a sailing trip around Turkey in June 2018 and had thee best time ever!!
The whole process was so smooth. The tour guides and crew were phenomenal and I made life long friends from all around the world!!

By: Alyssa
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 23

Which tour to do next

I have done 5 trips with topdeck ranging from camping round Europe to sleeping in swags in the Australian outside and finding bears in the Canadian rockies. It is so easy and such a reliable company to use. When travelling alone it can be quite daunting knowing where to stay and what route to take, especially in the outback where amenities are so far between.
I have met so many people from all over the world and have seen some amazing places.

Every tour has been amazing and still so many to choose from.

By: Charlotte
Nationality: British
Age: 28

Repeat customer with Topdeck!

I recently went on the Outback Gem tour with Topdeck. This was my second trip with them as I did a European trip with them 9 years prior.
Both were absolutely amazing experiences going to beautiful locations, meeting lifelong friends from all over the world & the Topdeck crew were all friendly & knowledgeable in all the places we visited. I’d highly recommended them and am even thinking about doing another trip with them real soon!!

By: Beata
Nationality: Australian
Age: 34

AMAZING Trip of a lifetime!

I booked the US & Canada West Coast Cruiser and it was full of laughs, sun and adventure. Travelling with Topdeck was an absolute blast, I made life long friendships and a trip i would never forget! 100% recommend Topdeck!

By: Rebecca
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 21

Topdeck around East Europe

I did a 14 day eastern europe topdeck tour with my friend. It was our first time travelling with Topdeck and we had a great time. It was easy because everything was basically organised for us and we had a lot of free time to do what we wanted in each country. Got to meet a lot of people on the tour, which was great and our tour leader was helpful and gave us recommendations in each country. Overall, a great trip!

By: Amanda
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 26

Top deck travel, Sumer fun and sailing

Highly recommended! Had the time of my life with a lot of great people! Organised very well

By: Joshua
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 19


I did then bali hopper
Firstly, badly planned. Nothing went according to plan.

Secondly, bali is cheap and this tour was expensive. But still got bad hotels etc.

Thirdly, transportation for change in plans were bad

Overall it’s okay. But tbh will not recommend.

By: Chris
Nationality: Australian
Age: 22

Topdeck is a great company

A Topdeck tour is perfect for the first traveller, budget conscious but also someone who wants to just have a great time! I did the March on Rome trip and would recommend it.

By: Kat
Nationality: Australian
Age: 31

Thank You Topdeck

I chose to book a tour with Topdeck for my first time travelling in Europe. Our tour guide and bus driver were the best and the trip was with a very diverse group (culturally) and a welcoming group of Aussies. I booked the Winter Getaway and Ioved the all the activities especially the ones in Amsterdam 😂😉. Overall it was a great package.

By: Sipho Mtshali
Nationality: South African
Age: 19

Topdeck are brilliant!

Very well put together planned tours for those who want to have a trip of a lifetime without too much planning. Expect amazing tour guides and the chance to meet lots of new people.

By: Monique
Nationality: Australian
Age: 27

Well worth it

I chose a 2 week Topdeck of the USA as my first solo travel experience and it was the best decision I have ever made. The tour was amazing and included all of the key parts of the country that I wanted to visit, the add on activities were great value for money and the included items made it feel like as though you were really getting involved. I would definitely travel with Topdeck again!

By: Olivia
Nationality: Australian
Age: 22

Topdeck is the best

I was doing a trip with topdeck and went alone. “The European Wonder”. At first I was scared because I knew no one that was going. Then I met amazing people from all over the world that was also going alone on the trip and everyone became like a family. It was the best experience and I will most definitely do a topdeck trip again in the future. The crew was fun and professional. It was one of my best overseas experiences! I’ll definitely recommend on going on a trip with topdeck!🌈🎉

By: Liané van Niekerk
Nationality: South African
Age: 20

African Adventure

My wife and I had the pleasure of going on an amazing African Adventure this summer! We booked our trip through Top Deck but the touring company was Acacia Africa. We chose the overland camping safari travel with some accommodations through out our trip. We started off in Kenya then traveled to Tanzania and ended our trip in Zanzabar before returning home. Every day was filled with something new! Game drives through the Serengeti, hot air balloon rides over the Masai Mara, snorkeling in the crystal clear blue waters of was an amazing trip! Acacia Africa really took care of us every step of the way! We will be returning to travel with them again and see South Africa!

By: Jon
Nationality: USA
Age: 30

European Winter

I adored every moment of my 28 day Topdeck tour through Europe in winter. Being Australian I’d always wanted to spend Christmas time in the snow and I was fortunate enough to experience lots of snow in places like Switzerland and Austria. If I’d not travelled as part of a tour I would never have known of all the best sites and locations to visit. Being part of a tour makes everything very simple - someone drives you around, shows you where to go and even tells you what time to be up in the morning! It meant I could relax and focus on making friends with my fellow travellers while seeing beautiful Europe covered in snow! And my tour guide, Dan, was amazing. He went above and beyond to ensure we were all safe and happy and answered every single question we had. Even providing us with information about the best night spots or places of interest that were outside the normal tour program.
And as a single solo traveller there is no other way to travel really than as part of a tour group. I always felt safe.
I will (actually I AM) going to do another Topdeck tour this year.
10 our of 10.

By: Candace
Nationality: Australian
Age: 30

Great option for solo travelers to team up with other travelers

I’ve been on two TopDeck tours (Big Red to Red Star, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe/Zambia) and thoroughly enjoyed both tours.

TopDeck packs in great itineraries at reasonable prices, books comfortable hotels and the tour guides go out of their way to deliver a first class service.

From my experience, the travelers who pick TopDeck tours tend to be in the 25-35 age range on average, are aware of what they’d like to get out of the tour in terms of sight-seeing and experiences, well-travelled, friendly and fun.

Looking forward to booking with TopDeck again soon!

By: Nadeem Dawood
Nationality: South African
Age: 29

'Straya :)

did the Island Suntanner and everything was beyond awesome :)
Highlight'd been the sailing part in the Whitsundays and hiking on Magnetic Island.

By: Fran
Nationality: German
Age: 24

Time of my life

I went on the Europe uncovered trip it was the best time of my life so far and can’t wait to go back topdeck showed me everything I wanted to see and more amazing sites I never would have known about if I wasn’t on the tour. I meet so amazing people that will be life long friends. Topdeck you were amazing thank you and I will be back. I talk about my trip nearly everyday and it’s been a year since iv been home.
Thank you again!

By: Amanda
Nationality: English
Age: 21

Adriatic Dreams Came True

I absolutely loved our Topdeck experience! Friendly staff and amazing company - likeminded, adventure seekers all in the same age range and looking for similar things in their topdeck journey. We looped the Adriatic Sea Italy, Greece and Croatia. I would highly recommend booking through topdeck if you want a planned experience from hotel to hotel, boat tours, bus / subway tickets, city tours etc. as well as if you wan to make good friends from around the world.
I will definitely be booking my next holiday with Topdeck!

By: Karrisa
Nationality: White/ pacific islander
Age: 26

First topdeck tour in Southern New Zealand

First topdeck tour ever!

Exploring a country that I lived in for 10 + years up in North. But exploring the South Island, was a great experiences to say the least. It is different to explore a country that has two seperate island, and gaining the chanced to explore the South Island with a fanstastic crew and a bunch of new people with a thirst for adventure made it worthwhile. The trip went for almost 2 weeks and it was a winter trip, so it was chilly. Upside was the ability to learn how to ski in the Queenstown Snowy Mountain.

I will highly recommend doing a topdeck tour, even if it is in your current country of living OR better yet, a new country you have never been before. It was an awesome trip filled with new experiences but lasting memories.

By: Gabrielle
Nationality: Filipino
Age: 18

Europe Inspired June 2018

Went on a camping trip though Europe. It was so organised and beautiful.
I made many friends and many memories that i will treasure forever.
Will 10/10 be booking with topdeck again.

By: Teagan
Nationality: Australian
Age: 18

Topdeck: a great experience

Topdeck is a great way to experience an country/continent in the fast lane while making lots of new friends.

I went on a Topdeck trip with my partner last year through Europe it was a great way to see parts of Europe I’ve always wanted to see and also parts that I didn’t know I wanted to see. I think Topdeck is a great way to start travelling as it gives you an introduction to different countries and areas that you can explore in more depth at a later date.

By: Kara
Nationality: Australian
Age: 24

I highly recommend Topdeck

Where do I begin? My fiancé and I booked the Southern Explorer tour with Topdeck as it seemed like an affordable way to see New Zealand and meet some new friends. We were a little worried about being the oldest ones in the tour group and being left behind. After some time, we reassured ourselves, if this was to happen at least we would still have each other and booked the trip anyway. Topdeck was nothing like this at all. At each stop people of all ages and nationalities hopped onto the bus, instantly welcomed into our "Topdeck family." We made friends almost instantly and know some of these friends, will be with us for life!

The experiences / sight seeing opportunities you are provided with Topdeck, are like no other. They really do create an itinerary that suits everyone and allows you to become immersed in the beauty and culture of each place you visit. We can't wait to do another Topdeck - we are thinking Europe next! Whether you are travelling as a group, solo or with a friend/partner, I highly recommend Topdeck Travel. It was one of the greatest things we have ever done!

By: Becky
Nationality: Australian
Age: 27

USA Tour

I did the south end tour from New York to LA in 2016. I honestly had the best time of my life, I still think about my experiences everyday and the amazing lifelong friendships I made. It’s the best way to see and do so much with the best tour guides. I felt safe the whole time and loved all the opportunities we were given along the way. I highly recommend going through topdeck as the age ranges are good and you get todo so much!

By: Kate Zara
Nationality: Australian
Age: 36


Hello my name's Eden, i just did a 34 day camping topdeck tour, all by myself at 18, it was a pretty cost group as it was camping so we all got together really really close and boned well, not going to lie the camping was slot different then imagined, it was more us sleeping in tents next to hostels rather than camping with campfires and stuff. We had an on board chef, who voted amazing food and the best tour leader ever! So much passion everyone had including our young bus driver, everyone had a great time. One thing was unclear for alot of people that this tour was ongoing and people joined not knowing it was on going tour and people left not realising there was still another half a month left.. overall what a great experience It was, conquered so much fears and did everything I never thought of seeing my self do!

By: Eden
Nationality: Australian
Age: 18


Topdeck provided me with by far the best holiday I’ve been on, I went on the Outback Adventure in Australia in March of 2017. And considering I’m from the east coast of Australia, it was such an amazing experience getting to see parts of Australia I wouldn’t have before. Booking with Topdeck is also cheaper than having to plan everything yourself!

By: Hannah
Nationality: Australian
Age: 24

First solo overseas trip

My first solo overseas trip I booked was with top deck. It was the best thing I did! I did a summer fun and sailing trip through Europe. I couldn’t have asked for a better guide and group. I made so many new friends that I will know for a long time and had some incredible experience and memories to last a lifetime

By: Rachel
Nationality: Australian
Age: 24

Best thing I ever did

Can not rate topdeck tours high enough!! Will 100% do again. I made life long friends that I’ll never forget! 1000000% recommend

By: Steph
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 25

European Wanderer Topdeck

I absolutely Loved my tour with Topdeck!
I turned 22 during it and the tour guide gave me a present which was so nice!

Our tour guide had so much information and I learnt so much more than I would have doing it alone. I also made some amazing friends at the same time!

Highly recommend for anyone travelling solo that doesn't want to be solo!

By: Alice
Nationality: Australian
Age: 22

Topdeck? Top tour!

I absolutely loved my top deck tour (27days through USA) the tour leader was super friendly and very knowledgable about all our stops and even small towns we passed through, you could deffinatly tell hed spent a while doing what he does.

All accommodation was catered with a pretty broad range of standards. From incredible hotels in vegas to well positioned but not so well maintained hotels in Miami (the only issue I had with Miami accom was that the pool wad out of order to be honest)

Alot of meals were included in the trip I did with my personal favorite being the traditional Navajo lunch underneth the incredible rockscape of the Navajo desert. (Also was one of my favorite invluded activities)

The group I toured with was an incredible bunch who all seemed to get along with each other quite well being in a initial tour of 40 was slightly daunting for me initially as I personally bond better with people in smaller group settings but like I said we all got along fine!

If I were to think of any negatives about our tour it would have to be the amount of time on the coach, standing 6ft 2 Im not the smallest of men and a slightly broader set of shoulders doesnt help the room sitch on the bus either. I JUST DIDNT FIT! It was fine once a few people left the tour and more seat were availible so i could stretch across two but otherwise it was a tad uncomfortable some days. I geuss this is somthing out of the tours control ( you cant just takes seats of a bus to make tall people seats)... or can you?

Anyway if I had to rate my topdeck tour out of ten itd be a solid eleven I would deffinatly do it all again!

By: Charlie
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 23

My first Topdeck Tour.

I had my first Topdeck tour in July 2017. It was in Japan. Some of the highlights were visiting Akihabara, Koyasan and Kyoto. I really enjoyed seeing all the temples and shrines, especially the one on Miyajima. Our tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. I loved the Hida beef in Takayama as well.

We didn't have a bus on the tour. We took the train to all our destinations. It was a bit tiring sometimes, but made more sense due to the heavy traffic in the bigger cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima etc. Overall the tour was amazing. I just wish we could spend an extra day in Osaka to see some of the sights.

By: Cameron
Nationality: Australia
Age: 34

Best trip ever

I went on a 11 days trip in New Zealand. It was absolutely amazing. Topdeck has the best crew, both my trip leader and driver were the best! Accomodation was always good and it’s really easy to make new friends. I booked my next trip with Topdeck again!

By: Susan
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 24

First time in Europe

This was my first trip to Europe and I must say it's been such a amazing journey and I highly recommend going. Topdeck was such a good way to give you a taste of all the major sites and cities around Europe. With a good amount of free time to go off exploring for yourself. A great way to meet new people and have a unforgettable experience.

By: Daniel
Nationality: Australian
Age: 29

My first solo trip with Topdeck Travel - Amazing!

I went on my first Topdeck trip on 9th March 2017 and I must say it was the best decision I made. It was also my first time going solo and it was great, met so many people from day 1 and had a blast throughout the whole trip.

I enjoyed every place I went to, just wish I could stay longer in each destination for example in Venice, it would have been great to stay one more night as I wanted to see much more. I have recommended this trip to my friends, especially those who are afraid of going alone. All the meals were ok, breakfast was a bit plain and basic, which could be improved but I did the majority of the extra activities and don't regret doing any of them.

Would I go on another Topdeck trip? Yes of course! I am now looking forward to meeting my friends from the Topdeck tour next year in a new destination :)

Also, I have to say that Melisa Harvey was the best tour leader I could ever ask for. She did an amazing job and I'm so happy she was on my tour. She's a star!!! And of course, our coach driver Csaba Csabesz was funny, entertaining and also a very safe and thoughtful driver. He's another great addition to the Topdeck team.

Thank you Topdeck for the amazing trip! #noregrets #topdeck #winterexpress2017 ❤️❤️❤️

For a full Topdeck Review including pictures and what I did, go over to my blog and check out my Topdeck post

Happy Travels x

By: Mariana
Nationality: Portuguese
Age: 26

Trip of a lifetime

After a few years of planning my partner and I decided to do a 23 day topdeck tour around Europe. I would highly recommend it to everyone. The guides know everything you could ever need. The sites you see and the people you meet will forever change the way you look at the world. 10 out of 10. Hopefully I can do another one soon.

By: Matt
Nationality: New zealand
Age: 25

Doing a group tour with Topdeck was one of the best experiences of my life

I have traveled on a few tours and my favourite was a 21 day tour around Europe with Topdeck. Included in the trip were all accommodation, most meals, and all transportation costs. You also have a tour guide, bus driver, and on road chef with you for the full duration of your trip so you are fully supported for the full length of your tour.

One of the most important things I want to stress is how many amazing friends I made. The people on my tour also wanted to see the world and make some friends along the way and the thing is we all started of our trip the same way; as lone travellers. By the end we were lifelong friends.

Something to remember is that no two tours are ever the same. I have done four tours, ranging from 2-4 weeks in length, and they have all been so different that there is absolutely no way to compare them. My advice to anyone contemplating travelling alone is to try one of these tours. It’s a great confidence booster and well worth the money you pay. It was hassle free as all the important things were taken care of, and it also meant I was seeing all the main attractions at each destination but still having the opportunity to do my own exploring and finding hidden treasures of my own.

All you need to worry about is deciding which Topdeck trip to go on.

By: Karyn
Nationality: British
Age: 21

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