Central America Gap Year Ideas

Ever thought about the importance of travel? Regardless of the purpose of your journey, it brings a great exploration and meaning to your life. Traveling educates, relaxes and inspires.

Taking out some time from your busy schedule and travel to some peaceful places give great relaxation and encouragement to mind. Travel is a way to explore your ideas and thoughts. It shakes up your world enough to make it more enthralling, fun and adventurous. Planning a gap year to Central America wil be the best decision you will ever make!

You can make a list of fun things that you want to do and then travel exciting places where you will discover ancient civilizations and incredible beaches. There are so many activities like swimming, photography, trekking, etc. If you book a gap year program you will usually be in a group or if you go solo you will be able to make friends along the way.

The key to enjoying your gap year in Central America is to book rewarding traveling experiences that make you feel happy. Whatever your thing is, it's maybe time to give yourself to it. From exploring nature to bungee jumping, aim for experiences that will revitalize your passion and energy.


Top Things to Do on a Gap Year in Central America

You can find hundreds of experiences which cater for everyone.

You could venture into mountains, interact and experience the ancient wisdom teachings, sacred art and deep ceremonial way of life of the very remote indigenous Indian tribe of the Huicholes (or the Wixarika in their native tongue):- who are believed to be the descendants of the Aztecs, and due to their incredible isolation are still living in most part, the way they have always lived for hundreds of years. 

There are so many gap year placements in Central America, these include wildlife and marine based conservation / community programs, educational and teaching placements, medical / healthcare electives and more. There are short and long term structured gap year programs in Central America - summer programs are popular and most placements can be booked in advance. There are different opportunities which include helping saving sea turtles in Mexico and Costa Rica which are highly recommended. 

Organised Central America gap year programs are a great way to travel especially if you don't speak good Spanish! You could start in Mexico, then travel south through Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicarague, Costa Rica and Panana.

A lot of overland adventures in Central America include adventure sport activities and can be booked far in advance. This is a continent which offers so much and there are so many magical places to visit.  Be open minded and embrace this continent and you will not be disappointed.


Best Places to Visit on a Gap Year in Central America