Island Hop, Galapagos Volunteer and Travel! All in One Experience! Conservation work on Santa Rosa Reserve, swimming with sea lions on San Cristobal Island, meeting the giant Tortoises on Las Tintoreras, and adventuring everywhere - this is a trip for the true explorer. Everybody travels these days but not everybody will have an experience like this one. In fact, we have very limited spaces and they fill up fast.

This is one adventure not to be missed. This is the authentic Galapagos Experience, something so real that most people will never see anything remotely like it in their lifetime. This is your chance to do something unique and to make a difference at the same time. You are going to get your hands dirty, but we guarantee it will be worth it. You will be contributing to the conservation of one of the most wondrous and unique places on earth; as well as meeting new people and having the time of your life. If you think you this type of trip is for you. Fill in your application today before it is too late.



Week 1 - Santa Cruz Island highlights include:

  • Conservation volunteer work.
  • Observe giant tortoises in their natural state at Primicias Range.
  • Visit the Charles Darwin Station.
  • Enjoy the pristine white sandy beaches of Tortuga Bay.
  • Tour Academy Bay by boat, including snorkeling at Loboria Island, & hike to Las Grietas for a swim in the crystal-clear water beneath lava rock cliffs.
  • Free time for independent exploration and activities.

Week 2 - San Cristobal Island options include:

  • Speedboat to San Cristobal Island.
  • Volunteer project for five days with the San Cristobal Station.
  • In your free time, you can visit the Interpretation Center in town to learn about both the geological and human history of the islands, conservation issues, and natural history. After viewing the exhibits, take a walk along winding paths leading from the Interpretation Center to Playa Punta Carola (about 35 minutes), a favorite spot for surfing, or on to Cerro Tijeretas where you can snorkel with sea lions, and on to Frigate Bird Hill, a nesting place for frigate birds. Along the way are plants, lava lizards, and other animals endemic to this area. (optional)
  • Relax at Playa Mann beach where you can soak up sun near the sea lions or rent kayaks to explore along the shoreline.
  • Book a tour with a local operator for a day trip to the impressive Kicker Rock to snorkel or dive where you can see sea lions, turtles, hammerhead & galapagos.sharks, etc (extra cost)

Week 3 - Isabela Island includes the following tours:

  • Giant Tortoise Breeding Center.
  • Boat trip to Las Tintorera Islet to snorkel & hike, observing penguins, iguanas, reef sharks, sea lions and birds.
  • Hike to Volcano craters of Sierra Negra & Volcan Chico to see the lava formations and unique landscape.
  • Snorkel in “Los Tuneles”.



  • Get to know the ¨Real¨ Galapagos by spending quality time at 3 unique islands
  • This program is more environmentally and socially responsible than traditional cruise options. It's a better value for your money as well
  • Learn from local scientists about the current social and environmental issues affecting the islands!


Why This Trip Makes a Difference

There are many environmental and social issues affecting these world-famous Islands. Traditional cruise companies and tours are growing in demand, affecting not only local ecosystems but also social interactions between the animals. The Galapagos are populated islands that must generate local income in order to keep its inhabitants away from depleting the natural resources.

Cruise companies do not use local providers for their packages (not to mention the fuel consumption and pollution issues they create). Therefore the Galapagos' residents do not receive the benefits from cruise-based tourism. On the contrary, our travel volunteer program leave most of its proceeds with the local community, which helps the locals stay away from depleting the islands natural resources and instead take care of their natural environment!