Asia Gap Year Ideas

Seeing Asia first hand gives you unparalleled knowledge about other cultures, religions and mainly about people. Asia is a backpacker friendly part of the world to visit, and also cheap compared to other worldwide destinations. You can join gap year trips anytime throughout the year, you could just make a commitment for a few weeks or spend months away. 

There are lots of gap year, backpacking and overland adventures in Asia. You can choose from literally thousands of options, from seeing spectacular rural villages to stunning coastlines, relaxing on beautiful beaches or enjoy the atmosphere of bustling vibrant cities. South-East Asia is an incredible destination and also very cheap especially if you eat at local places and travel on public transport.


Top Things to Do on a Gap Year in Asia

Researching ideas for your trip? You can search hundreds of trips and programs throughout the continent all year round.

If you are in the fortunate position of not needing to work during your gap year in Asia, and intend just to visit the continent instead, then there are a number of affordable trips available. Most gap year programs are organised in groups so you will get to meet new people, see the sights and have a lot of fun!

You will also be led by local experts who will get you to experience some of the fantastic sights and sounds of this beautiful continent first hand and with expert insider knowledge. If you are keen to spend your gap year travelling, working, studying or volunteering the you can book the ultimate experience through One World 365.

Keen to be more than your average visitor? Spend your gap year working in Asia! There are jobs and work experience placements available throughout the continent. A lot of people spend their gap year working in South-East Asia and many take TEFL courses and teach English.

There are lots of other positions available too. Not only is taking a gap year in Asia the most fantastic thing you can decide to do, it's actually a well respected choice that shows prospective employers and universities that you have developed some pretty important life skills. Get ideas on our directory above.

Asia gap year programs have departures all year round and you can join anytime. This is also a great way for you to travel in a safe structure experience where you will meet new friends and be guided through this continent.

Get communicating too, other travellers and local people are your best form of up to date advice, they might be able to help you with places to go, where to stay and what places are dangerous and should be avoided.


Best Places to Visit on a Gap Year in Asia