If you are planning a holiday, a gap year or career break and you would like to try something new take your first step towards becoming a certified diver. Rainbow Divers have years of experience and offer a wide range of courses which can help you to pick up the basics and complete a PADI diving course.

These courses are very safe and you will be instructed by an international staff. Vietnam is an increasingly popular destination with tourists and backpackers, the dive sites on offer are also among some of the best in the world. On all beginner scuba diving courses you will be given information and tuition where you'll get an introducion to diving. You'll also be give full safety advice and taught initially in a shallow swimming pool to build your confidence and understanding.

Once you have picked up the basics you will then be able to go diving in an ocean environment and there a number of courses you can take including becoming a PADI scuba diver, PADI National Geographic Diver or take an Open Water Course. Rainbow Divers will be able to help you select the best course and they operate dive sites throughout the East Coast of Vietnam so you have a number of places you could learn.


Location of Courses

  • Nha Trang Diving
  • Whale Island
  • Con Dao Island
  • Phu Quoc Diving
  • Hoi An Diving

For more information about learning to scuba dive in Vietnam get in contact with Rainbow Divers, courses can also be booked in advance and you can join all year round.