If you are still weighing up your options and are looking for the adventure holiday of a lifetime then there are lots of great reasons why you should consider booking with travel specialists Oasis Overland. They are the market leaders for adventure tours and will provide you with the trip of a lifetime. 

Check out our top 10 reasons to travel abroad with Oasis Overland below.


1. Choice of Destinations

On an Oasis Overland tour you can visit destinations all around the world, from popular destinations like South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, PeruEgypt, Jordan to also lesser visited countries like Ghana, Iran and Kyrgyzstan.


2. Incredible Itineraries

Not many companies offer such amazing itineraries than Oasis, some trips last as little as a week whilst others last months! You will travel overland meaning you will get to see more than your average traveller and there are trips for all interests, so if you would like to see exotic wildlife in Africa, explore ancient ruins in South America or discover remote wilderness in Asia - you will find something to match your interests. If you would like see more of a region or continent then Oasis epic tours will appeal, some top recommended tours include:


3. Fantastic Customer Service

Oasis pride themselves on being small enough to give a personal service and have 20 years experience of operating overland tours. They have a very friendly UK team is made up of past Oasis travellers and crew who have considerable knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for trips and the places they travel to.


4. You'll Meet Interesting People

Traveling is as much about the people you meet as the destinations you visit. People of all ages join Oasis trips every month from all around the world and you will make friends for life. You'll find solo travellers, couples and there are also adventure tours for families. Traveling, cooking, eating, sightseeing and doing daily activities will make you bond quickly and you'll get plenty of time to learn more about your fellow companions.


5. Get Off the Beaten Track

Oasis Overland put adventure into travel, they are one of the best companies if you are really looking to escape the crowds. Trips allow you to experience the proper local way of life where you will visit remote tribes, villages and towns in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. These experiences would be pretty impossible to do independently.


6. Have a Lot of Fun!

Tours usually have so many different things included and you will usually be travelling with around 12 to 20 other people so daily there will be laughs, challenges and experiences you will remember for the rest of your life.


7. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Visiting countries you might not have even heard of before, sleeping in tents, cooking home made meals and escaping your 'normal' world - it might sounds scary but it will be one of the most eye opening experiences and really expand your horizons.


8. The Tour Crew Are Amazing

Tour leaders and drivers can make trips incredible or the most boring experience of your life. Oasis tour crew go through extensive training and are prepared for all situations. So if you need information on the places you visit or happen to break down in the middle of nowhere - you'll get first class service throughout the duration of your trip.


9. Value for Money

There are so any different tours available with competitive prices for the experience you are getting. All tours include transport, guides, accommodation, most meals and selected sightseeing activities. 


10. High Rebooking Rate

Many of the people who travel on Oasis trips book again - there is no greater recommendation than this.


If this article has made you intrigued about the trips available check out featured Oasis Overland tours and enquire or book the trip of a lifetime today. 


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