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Join one of our overland adventure trips and we promise to take you to some of the most awesome and spectacular places in the world.

We believe it is one of the most inspirational and rewarding forms of travel that you will experience in your life!

‘Overland travel’ means travelling by means over or across land and we do this by offering three alternative styles of trips, with varying types of accommodation, transport and duration. We are not going to hold your hand every step of the way – that’s not what we are about - but that said our crew are there to help out and lend a hand when needed.

If you dream of travelling through Africa, South America, Central and South East Asia or th Middle East, but without the routine and expense that accompanies some package holidays, then look no further than Oasis Overland. Our trips are always adventurous, sometimes unpredictable and not your average package holiday. So if you are looking for a small group adventure using local transport & accommodation or a more hands on overland truck and camping adventure, we've got the right trip for you.

The fantastic advantage with our trips is that you have more freedom & time to immerse yourself in the different cultures and regions we pass through with the added bonus of security and peace of mind that travelling as part of a group brings. We have been specializing in providing overland adventure travel for more than 12 years and our reliable, friendly and personal service is why our travellers come back year after year.

So enjoy browsing through our adventures and if they excite you and stir the wanderlust in your soul, then come & join us we would love to see you on board!


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Oasis Overland Reviews

Not the best experience as expected

Oasis might be a good operator for other destinations but it was definitely not good for Africa overland. Just imagine, you are traveling in Africa which can get really hot. There is no fridge or freezer in the truck so there is no way you can keep the food in a safe way in the truck. All other operators have at least a fridge (oven both fridge and freezer) in their trucks.
Information from the crew was not of a good quality, notice board was not updated, most of the time information was given in small groups when all participants were not present which causes frustration. Crew was not as active or participant as it should be, you as traveler have to work lot more than it should be.

During our long trip, there was a diesel leakage from the tank which contributed that all of our food had both a smell and taste of diesel. It was not fixed until the end of the tour.
Money spend on food was insufficient, in the beginning of tour there was not much to buy which operators should be aware of and since there was no cold storage on the truck, there were only few vegetables available to buy and meat quality was bad before arriving at Botswana-Namibia.
I met another tour operator and visited their truck on the road. It was just one crew member on that truck (we had two) and he not only kept the truck very clean all the time he was even making food for the participants. Our crew did not make any food and did not keep the truck clean, it was up to us to do that.

If you are looking for a life-time adventure in Africa, may be it will be a good idea to pay bit more and choose an operator who is more active and responsible.

By: Shahid Saleem
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 0

56 Days from Nairobi to Capetown

I planned to spend one year on a round the world trip, visiting 30+ countries across 4 continents. When it came to Africa I had no idea where to begin and how I would tackle it. This is why I chose to do it as part of a group tour. After some research, I chose Oasis Overland as they offered the best value for money. Since my trip I have recommended Oasis to countless travelllers as Africa turned out to be the highlight of my RTW trip, thanks to Oasis!

I did the 56 day trip from Nairobi, Kenya joining the tour June 2017 and finishing in Capetown, South Africa August 2017. Our truck was Josie, driven by the wonderful Patrick and guided by the awesome duo Talbot and Margaret. Our group was great containing approx. 21 travellers aged from 18 to 65 from many different countries. We had solo travellers, couples, father and son, and groups of friends. The facilities were excellent. I had no problems with my tent, I loved the cook groups concept - great way of getting everyone on the truck to mix, fun experience at the markets. We had so many wonderful experiences throughout Africa from the Serengeti in Tanzania, to fancy dress on Candy beach, to Vic Falls (not to mention the crazy train ride there), to the rolling sand dunes and amazing night skies of Namibia and finally the wine tasting in South Africa and finishing up in the beautiful Cape Town.

I will never forget my trip to Africa and will always credit my amazing experience to Oasis Overland. Awesome company offering trip of a lifetime at a great price! Our tour leaders always went over and above to ensure our safety and happiness. Thank you Oasis for introducing me to the wonderful place that is Africa.


By: Geraldine Carlin
Nationality: Irish
Age: 31

Nairobi to Dar es Salaam - Gorillas and Gameparks

Some incredible experiences but some pointless days, not very interesting places and changes that could be made to the itinerary. If booking this tour I would 100% recommend the Gorilla tracking and the Serengeti game drive as this is paid extra to the main trip and the in country payment. The truck had loads of supplies which was great but not as well laid out as some others I have travelled on, all seats faced in, which made it difficult to watch the world go by and is the reason you do overlanding. They have some great trips and would love to finish the one I started but the full trip is too long for me, so it’s good you can do it all in short stints. Not sure if I would travel with oasis again or do the tour with another company or do it myself which I think would be possible and cut out some of the long drive days and pointless places to visit.

By: Amy walton
Nationality: British
Age: 31

More trips to come!!

Oasis overland is probably the best travel agency I’ve been in touch with. They are super friendly and easy to get in touch with.

As for traveling I did the Nairobi to Cape Town, and have been recommending it to all my adventurous friends and people I’ve met while traveling.
It has all the different experiences you could ask for in this type of traveling style!
If you want an adventure of a lifetime, then y’all to the people at oasis, and they will find the perfect trip for you!

By: Anja
Nationality: Norwegian
Age: 22

Amazing fun

Oasis provide really amazing trips at quite affordable prices. I was on the dunes and deltas trip, which travels from Zimbabwe to South Africa. Was an amazing experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it, would highly recommend!

By: Robert
Nationality: British
Age: 20

An amazing experience

I did the longer trip through Africa from Kenya to cape town. I couldn't imagine a better way to travel the country and experience it with amazing crew, passengers and a sense of safety. You become a family unit throughout the trip and I had such a blast making memories and friends for a lifetime.

By: Shanice kay
Nationality: British
Age: 25

Nairobi - Vic Falls 34 Day’s

Oasis Overland provided me with a 34 day trip I’ll never forget. With an amazing driver and guide I had a truly breathtaking glance at 4 beautiful countries and their rich cultural heritage. Although brief, I enjoyed every destination we visited and this trip served only to highlight which countries I would like to return to and explore further. This trip was a wonderful way to acclimatise to Africa and all its variety - many of the people I met on the truck will be friends for life and the memories I made will last a lifetime. Although not my favourite form of travel I am glad to have done this overland tour. I fully recommend Overlanding and Oasis in particular for those who are nervous about travelling and/or have a time limit.

By: Acacia
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Loved it

I did the grand adventurer through east and South Africa for 75 days and can honestly say it was incredible. I was lucky to have awesome co-travellers (all 24 of us) and great tour leader and driver. The landscape and cultures that you see is phenomenal and I would do the trip again in a heartbeat! Definitely recommend doing the grand adventurer if you have the funds!! And take a great camera!

By: Emma
Nationality: British
Age: 25

38ish days Kenya to Malawi

5 STARS = 19 Days Nairobi to Nairobi

The first half our tour was absolutely amazing, this took us through Kenya, Uganda (including the gorillas), Rwanda & Tanzania, looping around Lake Victoria and back into Kenya via Maasai Mara. The route was diverse, full of activities & the less ‘touristy’ overlanding option. With the added benefit of only a few long drive days. I would recommend this route to anyone who wants to experience Africa and not just visit its famous landmarks. 3 STARS = Nairobi to Harare We actually got off early quite early into Malawi to work, however the full part of this trip takes you from Nairobi, through Tanzania including Zanzibar & then across to Malawi, down to Mozambique to cross into Zimbabwe.

The highlights are definitely the Serengeti & then Malawi, Zanzibar is also great but a little touristy. The downside of this trip is that there is a lot of full drive days without any activities. This seems to be also a more popular route so we had a very full truck which was a lot less chilled out then the first part of the trip. Overland I would say overlanding is a great introduction into Africa, it’s really easy, camping is fine & you can always upgrade to a room for a low cost.

Oasis stands out because it gives you more freedom to go off and do your own thing, both our tour leader and driver were very encouraging for us to get out of the campsite & experience ‘local’. It’s also the cheapest overland tour!

By: Amy
Nationality: Australian
Age: 27

A proper adventure

I did the coast to coast 56 days and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not the break for someone that doesn't like to rough it! A proper adventure. My only criticism is that we didn't have a very good tour leader

By: Billie Salter
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Laugh, love, learn: Oasis has it all!

I spent the most incredible 75days with Oasis overland travelling from Kenya to South Africa in an absolute beast of a truck named Josie and chaperoned by the wonderful crew of Margaret and Talbot. Never have i laughed so much and learnt so much while on such an excursion. I felt safe, informed and like i had a whole new family with the group.
This company is fantastic for ensuring you have the freedom to tailor your own experiences and giving you all the options to male the most of your time there.
Overlanding is 100% the best form of travel to see the diversity of the land and to see a glimpse into the lives of the people.

I loved it. You will too!

By: Aimee Bingley
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 23

Life Changing Experience: 75 day trip through Africa with Oasis Overland

I did the grand adventure trip with Oasis Overland.

This was a 75 day trip that started in Nairobi and ended in Cape Town. We visited Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Some of my highlights for the trip included trekking to see ge mountain gorillas, doing a game drive in the Serengeti, snorkeling in Zanzibar, white river rafting on the Nile, swimming at the top of Victoria Falls and jumping out of planes in Namibia.

This trip was filled with amazing memories and great people. Oasis provided nothing short of an amazing trip! The trip is basic in terms of you cook your own food and pitch your own tents, but that’s what overlanding is all about, right? Our guide and driver were fantastic and if there was ever any issue the office would sort it out quickly.

If you want to get more of an insight into my trip watch this video I made:

I would highly recommend this trip, as well as any other trip with Oasis Overland!

By: Michelle
Nationality: South Africa
Age: 26

Great Company!

I booked a tour of Southern Africa with Oasis and it was really amazing. I would highly recommend!

By: Paul Edwards
Nationality: British
Age: 26

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