Interview with Oasis Overland Trans Africa Tour Crew

Interview with Oasis Overland Trans Africa Tour Crew

Grant (Hastie) & Andi are adventure travel specialists Oasis Overlands Trans Africa tour crew who lead trips from the UK to Egypt. Here they share their experiences, highlights, tips and what to expect when booking an overland expedition with Oasis.



Where have you worked for Oasis:

We have both worked for Oasis Overland for over 13 years and most of our time has been spent in Africa on the road. We have both been based in the UK, Andi in the office and Grant in the workshop building new trucks. Best of both worlds really.


Favourite country

Well Grant would of course say New Zealand being a Kiwi, but we do not really have a favourite country in Africa, each of them provides fond memories that last a lifetime with different experiences each time you visit. The medinas in Morocco and the madness in Fez, the desert through the western sahara and the remoteness, Mali and the music and true African markets with the hussle and bustle, Ghana and our first national park and elephants, and the list is endless….


Favourite place / town

Again it is hard to decide, could it be having a burger in Nouakchott after spending several days passing through the desert, walking through a national park and being 50 metres from one of the big five. Enjoying an ice cold beer after travelling through a dry country, or finding a random bush camp to find out that you are now in the chiefs house of the village and drinking beer and having dinner. Again the list is endless.


Most looking forward to visiting again:

Mauritania, Nigeria, DRC and Sudan as they are not your normal tourist destinations.


What are you looking forward to on the trip:

It would be getting paid so that we can buy a jet boat when we get back home to New Zealand one day. But really, looking forward to the randomness that comes with the Trans Africa, every day, no two trips are ever the same as the people on the truck, the route travelled and events change and make each expedition an adventure.


Favourite animal:

Warthog! They are a great laugh to watch and taste fantastic with a garlic sauce.


Favourite food:

Ali baba burgers in Mauritania, after travelling through the desert and working hard sandmatting for a few days, this burger is the bomb. Also up there is CFC (Calabar Fried Chicken) in Nigeria.


Best Drink:

The nectar of the god – PRIMUS. If you are drinking it you are either in Congo or DRC and enjoying the local beer.


Number 1 tip:

Do not spend all of your holiday updating your blogs and facebook, you can do this when you get home and are back at work.


What to expect on an overland trip:

On the Oasis Overland Trans Africa tour expect the unexpected and always be ready for your crew to say NEW PLAN as every day events change your itinerary. This is what makes this journey one of a kind.


Top packing tips:

Get your girlfriend to do it. Grant is not joking, it makes it so much easier and then I get space in my backpack and his also as he does not see what goes in.


Advice to those thinking of doing a Trans Africa trip:

If you're thinking about it just do it as there are limited seats each year, and there is only one company doing it now…Oasis..


Grant & Andi are about to set off on their 7th Trans Africa expedition! You could join next year's UK to Cairo - Trans Africa expedition



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