If you didn't get the results you expected to secure a place at university or college, don't feel quite ready to embark on higher education just yet, or are simply considering other options – then we, at TEFL Org UK are here to tell you all about the benefits of undertaking a TEFL qualification. 

Here are our top reasons why you should take a TEFL course after college.


1. A TEFL Qualification Can Enhance Your CV/ Personal Statement

Why teach abroad after college

It is important to remember that grades are not the be all and end all – there are a number of factors employers and universities also take into consideration when reviewing CVs/ university applications. 

Experience for one is massively important – a TEFL adventure provides you with exactly this– by uprooting your life to pursue an opportunity in a foreign country, you are showing independence, initiative, open-mindedness, and drive.

Not only does the experience itself look great on CVs/personal statements, the qualification also proves that you possess the motivation and commitment to apply yourself educationally.  

Not only will you gain impressive experience and skills from your TEFL journey, but you will have a new-found confidence that will without a doubt help you in any future interview situation. The ability to adapt to a different culture is also of value to employers and universities – this shows that you have no problem adapting to new work environments and lifestyles.

Most employers look for a minimum 120 hours of TEFL training, this is the most detailed online course which will provide you with the best online qualification and a competitive CV.

Due to visa requirements, there are a number of countries that are unable to approve working visas without a BA degree or above – this is not the case for all TEFL destinations, EU nationals wanting to work within the EU can do so without a work visa therefore do not require a degree to work – it is however, up to the independent employer whether they wish for their teachers to have degrees or not. 


2. See the World Whilst Working

Travelling the world can be an expensive business, it is common for people to spend months and months over-working with little social life just to fund their travels. TEFL however, allows you to travel whilst earning money! 

TEFL salaries vary across different locations and you will need some money initially for course costs, flights and accommodation (though some schools may provide accommodation), but in the long-run, a lot of TEFL positions can allow you to travel quite comfortably.

Even though you may be working full time, there will still be plenty of time in your week to be a tourist and absorb your country's culture whilst meeting new people!


3. Satisfying Career

TEFL is known to be a satisfying and fulfilling career. Fortunately, in the UK we have very high education standards, however, this is not always the case throughout the rest of the world.

Some education systems in TEFL destinations will not be what you are used to, but this means you will experience, first-hand, what it is like to have a direct impact on students' lives.

By providing high-quality English lessons to students, you will receive immense job satisfaction from watching their level of English improve – the opportunities that may come available to them from this will also fill you with pride! 

Hopefully, this post has provided you with some insight into what a TEFL qualification and experience entails – potentially giving you something to consider post-exam results day! Remember that exam results do not determine your future and that there are multiple routes to ending up where you want to be! 


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