Teaching English to young learners forms a large part of the TEFL/TESOL market. In many countries throughout the world specialized English courses are on offer for students from as young as two years old. There are a number of reasons why teaching young learners differs from teaching adult students and within this course we focus on these differences and show you how to adapt your existing skills to address them.

We may often assume that adults taking English language courses are there because they are keen to learn, this however is not a safe assumption with young learners. With the addition of this qualification to your CV/resume, you should find that your knowledge and employment prospects are greatly enhanced.


CTEYL Target Group

  • This course is designed for those who are already TEFL/TESOL or equivalent certified
  • The course is designed for teachers who are currently working or intend to work within the field of teaching English to young learners
  • No previous experience or training in young learners’ education is required to complete this course


CTEYL Course Units

  • Unit 1: Course Introduction
  • Unit 2: Teaching and Learning
  • Unit 3: Course Development
  • Unit 4: Materials
  • Unit 5: Teaching Themes
  • Unit 6: Professional Development

This course follows the same basic structure as our standard 60-hour and 120-hour online TEFL certification courses. Once you have worked through the material for each unit, your understanding of it will be assessed before you then move on and study the next section.

You will be allowed up to six months to complete the whole course, and within this maximum time frame you are able to work at whatever pace suits your personal situation and learning style. Once you have successfully completed all the course units, you will receive your online Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners.


CTEYL Course Aims

Upon successfully completing the Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners, course graduates should be able to:

  • Discuss and evaluate the process of teaching English to young learners using industry standard terminology
  • Design a syllabus based on their students' individual needs assessment
  • Create everyday lesson plans tailored to the needs of young learners and have clear ideas for facilitating those lessons to different types of students
  • Find and create suitable materials for young learners
  • Design and use assessment methodologies for before, during and after a course
  • Understand the role of teaching English to young learners in a variety of different situations
  • Identify further opportunities for professional development.