1. Travel

Don't stay in your home town or city, this is boring! Okay, we understand you might need to work, but give yourself at least sometime to visit new places.

There are so many gap year trips available worldwide it would be a shame for you to miss out. If you are worried about traveling solo you could book a tour.


2. Find Temporary Work

Sydney ferry

You could work abroad, of depending on the time of the year find summer jobs or winter jobs. This will help your bank balance and give you much needed funds to spend on exciting things.

A popular option is to work at a summer camp in the USA for 3 months during summer, you'll get lots of free time to travel in your spare time.


3. Get a New Hobby

You will find you have lots of free time to do something different. There are so many diffeent options available, you could book a scuba diving holiday, take a ski instructor course, gain a TEFL certification course - just to name a few.


4. Boost Your Career

Hong Kong skyline night

A productive gap year can look great to future employers especially if you demonstate you used it wisely (not just getting drunk or working a mundane job). If you structure your time well you will benefit your career and job prospects in the long term.


5. Get Social

One of the best thing about having time out is meeting other people and a gap year break can be the perfect chance to be social, join activities and meet new friends at home or abroad. Even little things like joining local clubs or the gym will help you be more social.


7. Learn a New Language

Why not learn a new language? This will really help both personally and professionaly, especially if you are planning on going traveling. If the idea of studying abroad appeals to you then check out the following pages:


8. Volunteer

Elephant Sanctuary Thailand

If you have lots of free time, are worried about being bored or would just like to do something rewarding consider donating your time to good causes. Time spent volunteering will be very worthwhile, you will also meet other people and gain new skills.

You could apply to volunteer in the UK or search volunteer programs abroad. There are so many projects available including helping refugees, volunteering with wildlife or coaching sports.


9. Book a Structured Program

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Some companies and agencies offer structured gap year experiences which can be tailor made to your interests and time frame. Search options on our directory pages:


10. Do Things You Enjoy

Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation Road, Cape Tribulation QLD, Australia

Do lots of reseach, see what you like doing and plan things around your interests. The chances are if you plan your break with fun things in mind you will enjoy the experience a lot more.


If you need any help planning a gap year contact us today.