An escape from your everyday life. Work remotely, ride, eat, sleep, repeat and live like a local.

Horses, Sunshine, Sand & Sea... and escape the lock down blues...

At Wild Coast Horse Riding Adventures, we offer a unique opportunity for horse lovers to truly immerse themselves and experience the joy of being with and riding horses day after day along the stunning Wild Coast of South Africa. Join us for 2 or more weeks to rejuvenate your inner love of horses, reconnect with who you are and restore your soul.

The inter-connection between horses and people is an integral part of our beliefs, our environment and the way that we work with the horses and our visiting riders. Therefore, our horsemanship is geared towards gentle interaction and communication with our equine friends. The horses work hard, and we expect the best from them. It is our responsibility to ensure that they live in the most comfortable and natural way possible to enable them to do their job to the very best of their abilities. As our guest, you become part of our equine philosophy.


As a horse lover it will exceed all your expectations.


Bring along your spirit of adventure and a love of great outdoors and escape to our horse filled life in South Africa. Our horses are much loved; they are a mixture of Arab, Boerperd, Thoroughbred and Percheron crosses that are perfect for trail riding. You will be delighted by how gentle, well trained and friendly they are! The trail team is kept endurance fit to be able to complete our adventure trails along the coast, while our younger horses are brought on carefully with ground work and schooling. While you are with us, you become part of our family and are made to feel welcome in our relaxed and comfortable home from home.

You get to participate in and be part of the following experiences…

Understanding and practicing the principles of holistic horse care of horses that live out all year round in the African bush.

• Daily brushing & feeding of the horses
• Grooming, bathing and general care of the horses
• Cleaning tack and equipment
• Introduction to barefoot trimming, riding and management
• Our horses all live out, so there are no stables to muck out,
• An introduction to ground work
• Exercising & schooling horses in basic flat work, dressage & jumping
• Fitness training, exercise & care of the horses
• Assisting on out rides and trails in Kei Mouth & Morgan Bay
• You spend time caring, working, schooling and exercising horses at the beach paddocks in Kei Mouth.

WORK REMOTELY - we have very good wifi connection, and being able to work online is a breeze with a view! If you are choosing to stay with us as a ride & work remotely option, you would generally ride once or twice a day and make your own time available to do your work. It’s pretty flexible to your needs, and you can be sure of a quite space and fast connection, printing and scanning facilities are also available.

2 WEEKS is the minimum length of stay on the Equestrian Connection riding holiday – it is long enough for you to get to know us and the horses and do lots of riding.


If you choose to stay with us for 3 WEEKS, you will take part in an awesome 3 day “Riding with Touch Workshop” run by Klara Webb. This is an introduction to Ride with Your Mind and TTouch methodologies. Olympic Event rider Ingrid Klimke, who rode with us a few years back uses TTouch as part of her training program. These principles are part of the foundation that our horses schooling has been built upon, and what makes them exceptional trail horses.


Stay 4, 6 or 8 WEEKS and a MINI BEACH TRAIL is added onto your itinerary! Yes, you will do a 2 night 3 day jaunt to Wavecrest Hotel & Spa. This is a super 3 days of riding, exploring and adventure.


Stay 12 weeks and you get the whole package, Riding with Touch workshop, join a Mini Trail if there is one going out and then do our magnificent Wild Coast Horse Trail.