Combine your love for dogs and desire to improve the unfortunate situation of abandoned street dogs in Naples taking good care of them!

The program is managed by a local NGO who protects street animals in Naples with the aim to improve the situation of animals living on the streets. The NGO is managing a dog shelter in the suburbs of the city, in one of the most populated and underprivileged area of the city.

The shelter is an home for more than 150 dogs who were abandoned or grew up on the streets. The shelter is leaded by a retired vet who who divides her time between different activities ranging from veterinary care, cleaning cages, preparing food and of course playing, as well as coordinating volunteers and struggling to receive support.

You'll help her and the other local volunteers in taking good care of the dogs: they'll be very rewarding and they'll be your best friends!

Due to the amount of work that it takes to keep the program running, the help provided by volunteers is always greatly appreciated.

Given the above mentioned lack of resources, volunteers could help the NGO in fundraising activities, promoting some crowdfunding campaigns, or help in small renovations and maintenance of the shelter.

Before starting your volunteer work project, you will receive an orientation by our local staff. The project can be reached by public transportation (45-50 minutes from the accommodation) and one of the team is coming with you on your first day there.

After the initial orientation, volunteers will have a morning or afternoon shift at your placement and will work for approximately 4  hours from Mondays to Fridays in the mornings.

If you'd like, when not on your placement, you could help in doing some crowdfunding with your frriends. 

You may therefore plan daily activities which could include sightseeing, shopping or taking Italian language lessons.