Here she shares her essential recommendations on how you can become an amazing au pair or nanny and make the most of the experience... 


1. Be responsible

It’s best to immediately come to terms with the fact you have a huge responsibility and should be respectful and understanding of the parents/employer.


2. Socialize

Being a live in au pair can leave you with little ‘me time’ so try your best to socialize outside of work. Language courses or local gyms are a great way to get out and do something pro active. You can also meet other au pairs in Facebook and other online groups - these are a great way to make new friends.


3. Travel as much as you can

Go away for the weekend to a city nearby. I was a two-hour drive to Berlin and a four-hour drive to Prague – both cities offered a beautiful place to spend the weekend and explore new surroundings. You can travel independently or book a tour.


4. Write a diary

Keep track of daily routines especially with young babies their routine is constantly changing, by monitoring this you can help to create a steady routine, which will make things easier for them and you.


5. Get Skype

I left my family, friends and boyfriend back in the UK and four months is longer than you think to be apart from the comfort of home; Skype was the perfect way to catch up.


6. Understand the rights you have as an au pair

Although they gave you a job, they should be just as grateful to have you there. Make sure to research average pay in the place you are going. Some employees pay less in cash but more in amenities. I was lucky enough to have my travel paid for as I got paid less than average for the hourly rate

By Izzey Elias

We hope you liked our essential tips for becoming a good au pair by Izzey. If you would like to give this role a go check out our au pair jobs and apply today. If you are still weighing up your options check our top 10 reasons to work as an au-pair or our guide to the best au pair destinations.


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