There are so many places to can appy to teach around the world, and when you explore lesser-known destinations you will get an authentic cultural experience and usually a much lower cost of living. 

Check out our list of alternative places you can live and work as a teacher which will appeal to the more adventurous of travelers.


1. Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Cambodia is an incredible country to visit and if you would like to stay longer choosing to teach here will be a good choice. Although many often apply to teach in Thailand and Vietnam, you really should consider Cambodia as an alternative. Positions can be found at language schools in places like Phnom Penh and Siem Riep which hire teachers all year round.


2. Morocco


A little bit left field, but what about North Africa? Morocco is a popular tourist destination and learning English is a great way for locals to get jobs in business and tourism.

There are bustling cities like Marakesh and also world class tourist beach resorts along the west coast - a broad range of cultural and sightseeing experiences are available.


3. Peru

Cusco, Peru

When you think of iconic destinations to visit in the world, Machu Picchu has to be right ip there. Thousands of people book tours to Peru but many do not know even realise you can work here teaching English. Why not give yourself the reason to see the sights and make money!


4. Brazil

Copacabana beach

We get lots of enquiries from people looking to teach English in South America and surprisingly many people do not seem to consider Brazil as a potential destination.

There are volunteer programs in Brazil which are incredibly rewarding but you can also work as a language teacher too in locations like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

With world famous cities, beaches, beautiful people, football, tasty food and also so many places you can visit in your spare time! If you would like to improve the local lingo check out Portuguese language schools in Brazil.


5. Czech Republic

Prague skyline

Experience culture, history, cuisine, modern cities, landscapes and world class shopping by heading to work in the Czech Republic!

Czech people are very keen to learn and improve their English skills and there is a need for international teachers throughout the year in cities like Prague. 


6. Malaysia

Kula Lumpur, Malaysia

Is the more of an up and coming destination in the world right now than Malaysia? Lots of people take gap years in south east Asia but many do not know you can work and teach here. We recommend you get here before the crowds arrive, this country even though touristy is still in Thailand's shadow.


7. Taiwan

Taipei skyline night

Most people considering teaching in Asia head to China or Japan. Many don't consider Taiwan, but you should! This slightly off the beaten track destination is a great place to work as a teacher with friendly locals and students who are keen to learn. Wages are high too.


8. Greece 

Athens skyline

Greece is spectacular, a lot of people choose to work in Greece during summer and all year round, but most overlook the option to teach English here. If you would like to stay longer you could take a tefl course in Greece and get qualified to work as a teacher here. You could choose to mainland and cities like Athens or head to the spectacular islands.


9. Hungary 


Like the idea of teaching in Eastern Europe? Be brave and put Hungary above the Czech Republic top of the countries to apply. There are vacancies all year round, a low cost of living, great cities like Budapest and also relaxing spots to check out including Lake Balaton.


10. Guatemala


Located in Central America, Guatemala is a fascinating country to live and work with an ancient history and spectacular tourist sights. Guatemala is safer than you might think and also a lot less touristy than Mexico so you will get a more authentic experience. You shoudn't leave before seeing the Mayan ruins of Tikal.


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