A Guide to Teaching English in Taiwan

When thinking about TEFL jobs abroad many people think about China, South Korea or Japan and often overlook Taiwan but ask any teacher who has experience of this destination and you will hear high praise. 

Taiwan is fast becoming one of the most popular teaching destination to teach in Asia. Many people choose to teach English in Taiwan for several reasons including experiencing the culture of the country, getting paid high wages for the continent, enjoying the low cost of living with food, drink and accommodation relatively cheap. Living and working in Taiwan is a fantastic way to integrate into the local culture, improve your Mandarin and also explore new places which are propably unlike anywhere else you have been in the world. 

In Taiwan most people speak Chinese Mandarin and you might want to study the local language which can help improve your experience. 


Do You Need a TEFL Certificate to Teach in Taiwan?

You do not need a TEFL qualification to teach in places like buxibans but having one is a big advantage and will make the whole experience of job hunting easier. As in most industries having work experience of your CV / resume will really help, if you have both a TEFL course and previous teaching experience you should stand a good chance of getting higher wages. Check out our TEFL courses in Asia if you would like to get qualified in this continent.


TEFL Jobs in Taiwan

You can find teaching employment in places like Taipei which is a city rich in culture and tradition. Taiwan has a population of around 22 million people and over 2.5 million of these are based in Taipei. There are lots of language schools and centres which hire international teachers all year round, places where you can find esl employment include Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taichung and Taoyuan. 


Top Tips for Getting TEFL Employment in Taiwan

If you are a total newbie to teaching in Taiwan your best bet for employment is at private schools which are also known as buxibans. Local children usually aged between 5 and 16 go to these after school has finished to learn/improve their English

Some large buxibans you might want to apply to include:

  • Hess
  • Joy English
  • Kid Castle
  • Kojen
  • Sesame Street English
  • Shane

There are buxibans located throughout the country though and you will need to research locations and also feedback to see which ones are the right fit for you. Some will require previous experience but some are more flexible, you will need to make a good impression if you are asked to attend a personal face to face interview.

Also if you are already TEFL qualified or have experience of teaching in other destinations you will enhance your chances of gaining employment. Also if you put a lot of effort in you can be richly rewarded with high lucrative wages, over the past decade international teachers have flocked to Taiwan, many have stayed and even opened their own language schools.


Eligibility & Requirements

If you think just turning up in Taiwan is a guarantee of employment think again! Jobs are now more compatative due to the high wages but there are still openings if you are freshly qualified or limited with experience. Generally to teach in Taiwan you will need to be a native English speaker, have a Bachelor's degree, pass a criminal background check, be flexible enough to sign a contract for a certain period and also be presentable and healthy. You might also like to view our guide to learning Chinese in Taiwan.




As a English teacher in Taiwan you can expect to get paid around $5-700NT per hour. The working week can vary but generally it is around 20-30 hours in the classroom. You can expect to earn around £1,000 - £1,600 (around USD$1,500 - $2000) per month and with the low living costs you should easily be able to save money. If you have no experience you might like to view our volunteer programs in Taiwan where you can gain new skills.


Cost of Living

Rent and electricity is low compared to other countries but transport and food is expensive so it can be difficult to save money.


Teach Engish in Taipei

You might have heard people recommending Taiwan as a destination and we advise you to look at this as a viable option too. We have put together some useful information about teaching English in this facsinating Asian city...

Taipei is a city, the capital of Taiwan which is easily connected by international flights from China, Asia and worldwide. You can find culture, tradition and a new modern landscapes and a good vibe in Taipei. Taipei enjoys a warm climate and the city is no longer a backwater place, its now modern and looking forward and its people are seeking new opportunities and better careers. Taipei will soon be challenging Hong Kong as a business hub in many peoples view. There are lots of jobs availble for native English speakers in Taipei with locals wanting to join international companies to enhance their lives.

Taipei has changed a lot in the past decade, it is now a bustling city to rival somewhere like Shanghai, a far cry from the slow paced destination it was only 10 - 15 years ago. Most people speak Mandarin like on mainland China but more and more people are seeking to become fluent in English which has opened up lots of opportunities for TEFL teachers to live and work here. Taipei has a very young population and this means lots of bars, clubs, nightlife and things to do. Food and restaurants are affordable, and cheaper than places like Hong Kong and nearby Japan. You can find food from all over the world and if you like Chinese or Japanese cuisinse you will be in for a treat.

You can find English teaching work in Taipei in language schools and leading private lessons. You could find yourself teaching children and adults and in this city you should be able to save a lot of money, sometimes around 50% of your salary. If you are looking for a true Asian teaching experience we recommended thinking about Taipei as your destination.


Application Help & Advice

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Taiwan TEFL Reviews

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"Teaching at Kang Chiao International School :: Taipei Campus has been an incredible experience. We have a wonderfully supportive and encouraging administration, and a very professional, dedicated faculty. Finally, and most importantly, our students are respectful, friendly and motivated. I really love coming to work every day!" - Jeremy Peterson - US TEFL Teacher


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