When volunteering in developing countries there are lots of things to consider, like safety and stability, and allso some things which you might not have considered.

If you are looking to give back and want to make a big difference we have out together a list of countries which you should consider applying to help.

The countries featured on our list have problems with crime, poverty, infrastructure and poaching and international assistance is greatly needed. 


1. India

This might be a surprising entry for some of our readers but India's tourism is facing increasing problems due to the safety of foreigners visiting the country.

In the past year there have been instances of female foreigners being targetted which have been reported worldwide.

The foreign offices from the Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK have declared India unsafe to travel in and a recent survey stated that female visitors to India has dropped by 35%.

India is still an incredible country to visit and we still advise to travel and explore but safety precautions must be followed especially for female tourists.


2. Haiti

In January 2012 a huge earthquake rocked Haiti which contributed to mass problems in this already troubled state.

UN Peacekeepers are now deployed trying to improve the safety and living conditions of the local populations and travel here is not advised.

There are also problems with gangs, witchcraft and voodoo whilst crime is an unfortunate daily occurrence in Haiti. This country is not very safe to travel in, car jackings, theft and other criminal acts happen more often than in other destinations.


3. Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most dangerous in the world to visit and travel to, certain areas are complete no go areas and things like hitchhiking are not advised. There is an on going conflict on the border with Afghanistan which is one of the most dangerous aras of the world.


4. South Africa

Visiting South Africa can be one of the most amazing experiences of your life but this country is also one of the most dangerous to visit in the world.

Crime rates here are a lot higher than most other countries in the world whilst there are also big problems with HIV, Aids, Malaria and other illnesses and diseases.


5. Brazil

Brazil has a high level of poverty and crime but one of the safest ways to experience the country is on an organised volunteer project. 


6. El Salvador

This tiny country in South America is an up and coming travel destination mainly due to the spectacular coast where there are beautiful white sandy beaches.

Since the civil war in the 1980's this country has improved a lot but El Salvador suffers from various gang related problems and a high level of crime. It is not unusual to see the army deployed to the streets and check points set up in places like San Salvador.


7. Palestine

With a turbulent history, extreme poverty and constant conflict with Israel make Palestine an unpredictable and unstable country.

This is a country where you can visit as a tourist, go skiing and see spectacular tourists sights but since the civil war broke out in Syria Lebanon is becoming more and more dangerous.

There are though charity projects set up to help youngsters with education and some organisations recruit international participants.


8. Kenya

Tourism is a huge benfit to Kenya's developing economy and thousands of international volunteers are welcomed here every year. Poaching of elephants in Kenya is a huge problem but you can play a role in helping.


9. Romania

Romania is one of the poorest nations in Europe and there are lots of local and international charities running projects here to help education and community development. If you would like to sample life in Eastern Europe and help to make a difference this destination might be for you.


10. Mexico

Mexico has a high crime rate with a number of gangs, corruption and the drug trade playing a role.

Certain areas are strick to go areas like the border towns with the United States Ciudad Juárez but if you are visiting the East Coast like Cancun and Playa Del Carmen you shouldn't have any problems.

There are rewarding projects located throughout the country especially on coastal areas where you can work with sea turtles.

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