How to Volunteer in Palestine

Volunteer Projects in Palestine

If you have been researching options for going to volunteer in the Middle East the chances are that Palestine might be one of your preferred destinations.

The Palestinian territories include Gaza and the West Bank, and these are some of the poorest areas in the world. Large international humanitarian organisations, charities and NGO's have been working for decades in the Palestinian territories with the aim of proving assitance to benefit local children and communities.

Palestine is not a destination where it is easy just to turn up and seek out volunteer opportunities locally for example Gaza is very difficult to enter as a foreigner. But you can find safe and structured short or long term volunteer programs in places like Nablus and the West Bank.

Make a difference by applying to join a project today.


Ways to Help

International participants are needed for the following projects:

  • Community development
  • Education and youth outreach
  • Medical and healthcare missions
  • Conservation and agriculture
  • Summer camps
  • Teach English
  • Humanitarian and refugee camps 

Community Work
Some organisations build on the belief that mutual understanding is at the heart of improved relations across communities, cultures, nations, and religions. Outreach projects involcing communities in Palestine and visitors from around the world, encourage personal encounters and conversations among people working together create some of the best opportunities for mutual understanding.

Skilled Volunteering
If you have any specific skills for example you work in healthcare several organisations are in desperate need of volunteers. From surgeons, doctors, nurses, dentists and other skilled careers - these are in high demand.

Helping Refugees
Due to war, conflict and illegal settlements thousands of Palestinian people find themselves displaced in the Middle East and around the world. Lots of organisations work to help these refugees providing accommodation and essential living support.


Volunteering in Gaza

Due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza there are very limited volunteering opportunities, and those that are available are with large international aid and humanitarian agencies.


Volunteer in the West Bank

Most projects can be joined in the West Bank, this is where world famous destinations like Jerusalem and Bethlehem are located.


Volunteering Outside of Palestine

You can find organisations are based all around the world helping the Palestinian cause, and a lot hire volunteers, interns and full time staff in countries like Jordan, the UK and United States. If you don't have the time to volunteer you can also donate.



For most programs you will only need to be able to converse in English but learning basic Arabic words and phrases is recommended. Arabic classes in Palestine can be arranged once you are settled in or you might want to learn online if you have no previous knowledge of the language.

Health and Safety
You will need to check latest safety information before departing to Palestine, the security situation is quite volatile at the moment and in Gaza has deteriorated quickly. There are also lots of alternative options including applying to volunteer in Israel.

Working Hours
This really depends on the placement you apply for but usually 9-4 around 5 days per week with 2 days free.

You will generally eat Middle Eastern style food which is very tasty, for example rice, humus, vegetables, lentils, pasta, meat like chicken and beef.

This can be either shared accommodation with other participants, a local homestay or hotels. Conditions can be basic so don't expect any 5* treatment. Staying in shared accommodation can be a good way to get to know the other volunteers, food is usually provided. A home stay offers a complete cultural integration into local society where you will get to know a local family eating breakfast and dinner with them. This will offer a great insight into life in Palestine.

You will need to be aged 18+, be flexible, adventurous, open minded and accept any challenged thrown your way. You might need to commit to staying for at least 1-2 weeks, no organisation really wants to train you for you to then leave after 2 days. You will need a valid international passport and be eligible for a visa to visit Israel.


How to Apply

You can find paid work, structured, free, low cost and sometimes paid volunteer opportunities in Palestine with international and local charities, NGO's, non-profit organisations and animal sanctuaries.

You have the option to apply through a volunteer sending agency, or be creative and go independent searching our opportunities locally. We recommend applying through a large international organisation, this can be safer and they will provide help with placements and in-country support.

Some organisations might charge a fee which can include placements, pre-departure information, accommodation, meals and in country staff. There are flexible starting times throughout the year, you can apply to help and stay from 1 weeks to 12+ months depending on your availability. 



"I have been to volunteer at the Excellence Center in Hebron. There are some great things about the center and volunteering but also some things that could be done better. Nonetheless I had an amazing experience in Hebron and I am grateful for the opportunity I was given here." - Alexa, United States