10 Alternative Study Abroad Destinations

10 Alternative Study Abroad Destinations

So you are interested in studying abroad but would like an authentic experience and visit a country without thousands of international tourists and students? Check out out list of alternatives countries you might want to consider.


1. Thailand

Beautiful beaches, huge cities and an international mix of tousits and expats - and thousands of travel opportunities to do in your spare time. Most people don't even realise you can study here which makes it the perfect alternative destination - you will make all your friends and family jealous.



2. New Zealand

New Zealand is often overlooked by people heading to Australia but you won't regret the decision to study here. This country is one of the most spectacular in the world, most recently seen in the Lord of the Rings films.



3. Peru

Peru is one of the most popular places to take a gap year in South America, but many people do not considered studying here. You really should consider it though as you will get to see amazing places like Machu Picchu!



4. Israel

Looking for a historical destination to live and learn? Consider the ancient country of Israel! A lot of students also combine experience and also volunteer in Israel too.



5. Brazil

Brazil is a really up and coming destination to go and study in, with spectacular nature, a vibrant culture and lots of places to choose from. Imagine living in Rio de Janeiro and getting to spend your free time on the beach!



6. Turkey

Turkey is a facsinating country where East meets West, expect tasty food, friendly locals and lots of places to choose including Istanbul. 



7. Ghana

If you would like to discover a new culture/region of the world consider going to study abroad in Africa and choose Ghana as your destination. Ghana is very safe and an increasing popular country to study, locals are famous for the friendly welcome they will give you. There is also the option to combine experiences by volunteering in Ghana too.



8. Russia

Looking to experience a new culture? Russia could be for you! There are lots of universities in places like Moscow and St Petersburg which accept international students. 



9. Ireland

Ireland is often overlooked by US and international students who usually choose to study abroad in the United Kingdom. But Ireland is a lot quiter, cheaper and more relaxed compared than the UK. You could get to live in a world famous city like Dublin!



10. Taiwan

If studying abroad in Asia appeals to you then booking a flight to Taiwan might appeal to you. Expect a clash between old and new with modern cities and a facsinating culture. In Taiwan you can sample new foods and a different way of life.


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