Destinations to Study Abroad if You Want a Culture Shock

Destinations to Study Abroad if You Want a Culture Shock

Looking to escape your world and experience something unique? Want to find a destination to study abroad where you will get to live somewhere totally different? Do you consider yourself of being a rather unique person, who can not only travel to various countries, but also get adjusted to the newest cultures and get everything out of it? 

Check out our list of the places which we consider to be the ones to cause the most culture shock when it comes to living and studying in a new country. 


1. Japan

Study Abroad Culture Shock

If you have ever watched the film Lost in Translation you will understand why we added this country to our list. From the language, culture, food and technology - everything will be different to what you are used to. The language, culture, food and even high tech facilities will be a shock if you are coming from a Western country. If you are open to a challenge then you will absolutely love the experience of being in Japan.


2. China

Culture Shock Study Abroad Destinations - China

Visiting China can be a extremely daunting prospect especailly if you don't speak any Mandarin. The language, culture and way of life can be very different to what you have experence before. If you are looking for an incredible challenge then this country might just be for you. There are also lots of modern cities which have thousands of expats and internationals living including Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. 


3. Mexico

Culture Shock Study Abroad Mexico

Mexico is located next to the USA but living and studying here will be a totally different experience. There are also educational, language courses and study abroad programs available at schools throughout the country in places like Mexico City and Cancun. There will also be lots of free time for you to travel and explore locations in Mexico - one of the main benefits of choosing this destination.


4. India

Culture Shock Study Abroad India

Applying to study abroad in India will be a captivating experience that will change your life and give you a unique opportunity to explore.  You will meet other participants from all over the world and experience the sights, sounds, smells and food which make this one of the biggest culture shock destinations in Asia. And who doesn't want to see the Taj Mahal?


5. Africa

Africa is a huge continent and although there is extreme poverty and lots of internal issues in some countries you will get an incredible experience when living here. You choose to study in Africa with a recognised organisation applying to study here should be a very safe experience. There are thousands of international students studying here every year and you can participate too. Top rated options include going to study in South Africa or even combining experiences and apply to join volunteering programs in Africa doing something rewarding in your spare time.


6. France

Culture Shock Study Abroad Destinations France

Surely France must be one of the best study abroad destinations abroad we here you ask. Well yes, but it can also can be a shock the system in terms of language and food. How many countries in the world eat snails!


7. Israel

Culture Shock Study Abroad Destinations Israel

Israel is a unique country, nowhere in the world compares. There are some of the most historical sites in the world located here and also so many different locations you can study which can be a shock to the system. Te Aviv is very liberal and totally different to Jerusalem for example which is very religious traditional. Israel does though have a world class education system and so many great courses available.


8. Russia

Russia is a really hot destination to study abroad right now with the country hosting the Football World Cup soon in 2018. The cities, language, culture and culture might at first seem very different to what you are used to but you will soon settle into the lifestyle. Russia is a fantastic country to study in, and local people are a lot more friendly than you might think.


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