In the following years she traveled and worked in the beautiful country in Central America in many stays. Through the many visits on site, she knows what it means to start young in a new culture and language. Today we use this knowledge to help young people have a wonderful stay in Costa Rica. Under the motto "Travel not only as a tourist - be a part of it" we would like to show YOU Costa Rica in a very special way. Immerse yourself in the local life and live like a Tica/Tico.

You will stay with a host family where you will usually have your own room and live in a great environment. Our locations are inland and on the coast, from where it is not far to the beach. In the host family you will receive all your meals and they will do your laundry. You will be integrated into the family in all activities and we will primarily look for families with host siblings of similar age to you. This way you will have a good start in your new life from the first day.


Time period:

- 2 month
- 3 month
- Half school year
- 3/4 school year
- One school year


On-site preparation course:

- Orientation by a German/English speaking contact person
- Culture Workshops
- Dolphin and whale tour
- Half day tour (coconut or coffee)
- PrePaid Card
- Cooking class
- Accommodation with all other participants in a coastal village in a host family with meals


On Site:

- Monthly excursions in which participants can participate and get to know Costa Rica and its high lights.
- Vacation periods: Volunteer programs in wildlife and sea turtle project.


School Type:

- Public school
- Private school
- Private bilingual school

After a first interview, we will send you our application documents for your high school stay in Costa Rica. You have the possibility to choose between different types of schools. After a successful application and acceptance by Jamso Trainee, we will organize two preparation courses with all participants before departure as well as preparation courses for parents about 3-5 months before your stay abroad.