Volunteer in Yogyakarta

Volunteer in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta on the island of Java is a remarkable place to experience the best of both worlds; live like a local, or be the tourist. Paid work is hard to find in a country where locals earn 2 or 3 euro’s per day. Volunteering however is possible, ask around. There are lots of orphanages in the city that can use your help. 


Apply to Volunteer in Yogyakarta

There are volunteer orgranisations which provide accommodation, meals and structured programs. Sometimes there is a fee involved for volunteering. Voluntourism is relatively new to its inhabitants and you can still find amazing spots if you stop following your guidebook for a few days.

If you have certain skills, like teaching English or sports/music you can help learn children how to play music instruments.  If helping children is not your thing you can also volunteer in the Jogja Orang Utan Centre south of the city. Bear in mind that this is far from Yogyakarta, so you will have to spend your nights there as well.


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