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Indonesia has over 17,000 islands - expect pure paradise with beautiful beaches, amazing resorts and some of the best surfing spots in the world! Bali and Lombok are probably the most popular tourist destinations but there is far more to this country and on one of our activity and adventure holidays you will be guaranteed a unique authentic experience. Indonesia is a tropical paradise and on an adventure you can climb active volcanoes, see endangered orang-utans up close, relax on tropics beaches or go island hopping. 


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  • Capital: Jakarta (population 10,000,000 approx)
  • Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
  • Population: 246,000,000 (approx)
  • Language: Indonesian + local languages. We highly recommend learning some basic words or buying a guide / phrase book, not many people speak English in Indonesia and know a few sentences will really help you on your travels
  • International Dailing Code +62
  • Area: 1,900,000 km2
  • Food: Indonesia has a diverse range of food available, this is a lot cheaper than buying Western food too. Be open to trying something new, most dishes include rice, vegtables and meat. Some local treats include masakan padang (a type of rice stick), crab bread and vegetables with a peanut sauce
  • Visa: You will be granted a 60 day tourist visa on arrival into Indonesia, all you need is a valid passport. 



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Travelling & Backpacking in Indonesia 

Explore Indonesia on one of our holidays and experience the highlights of the country. Visit cities, beaches, islands and see exotic wildlife. Search overland, island hopping and small group adventures where you can experience the highlights of Indonesia. On our featured eco holidays you can visit spectacular places like the Gilli Islands, Jakarta, Java, Lombok and Bali. You will could see exotic wildlife, explore deserted beaches, go trekking or hiking off the beaten track.

There are lots of different options including budget trips, small group adventures and family holidays with departures all year round. You can find backpacking adventures with some of the worlds most recognised travel operators and also local companies where you can see spectacular sights and learn more about the local culture, people and history. 






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