Do you have a passion to play a musical instrument and looking to share your gift to under privilege Balinese children, if so, we have the perfect program for you!-You don't need a teaching degree, all you need is to be able to share your passion and talent to our students. You'll be supported by a Balinese tutor so no need to worry about language barriers, and of course music is an international language! We teach children the English language through music and there are so many songs for you to choose! 

Our open school "Bale" has no windows or doors, just fresh air blowing through is situated just off from the North Lovina beaches.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the South resides our learning space in a tranquil beach town called Lovina. Teaching in Lovina will give you a real taste of the Balinese culture, being surrounded by local people and the stunning location of Lovina will not only enhance your teaching skills but you will feel "Mother Bali's"  presence heightening your inner soul to feel more present and connected to nature. Through our transformational English curriculum which is digitally delivered, we aim to provide a fun learning environment and attempt to make the children enthusiastic about learning English.

Your role is to connect with the children and encourage them to be enthused about learning music, sharing your experience by using our multi-sensory curriculum, you may well have sown the seeds of a lifelong learning habit.

To encourage and inspire children to speak English through music.
To encourage the kids in learning though fun musical activities 
To come up with creative methods of teaching via music

Upon your placement, you will be graced with an exceptional welcome from the students, partly due to the natural and genuine friendliness of the Balinese, but also due to the fact that you will be one of the few foreigners they have met!

Typical day

Monday to Friday

From 9am to 2 pm you will be assisting the local teacher to coordinate singing groups, and scheduling teaching sessions to play the musical instrument. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to play the Balinese Gamelan.

Gamelan is a term that describes the traditional musical ensemble of Java and Bali.It originates from the Javanese word “gamel”, which means “to strike with a mallet”.Most of the instruments in the ensemble make sounds by striking the metal keys with a bamboo mallet.

The day would end after having a delicious dinner at the accommodation.