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Volunteer Work in Denmark

Denmark is such a beautiful country and you can experience something totally different and rewarding by applying to volunteer here. Being a tourist in Denmark is fun, but if you work as a volunteer then you will get to see a whole new side to the country and have one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life. So whether you would like to take a gap year in Denmark or just visit and do something unique, our programs will appeal to you.


Types of Volunteer Programs in Denmark

Most projects have a focus on community development including: 

  • Projects with the Elderly
  • Projects with people with disabilities
  • Education projects  
  • Projects with children
  • Wildlife and environmental


Volunteer in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the most well known location in Denmark and it is also the most popular place to go for international volunteers. Copenhagen is one of the best cities to volunteer in Europe, with a relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals and lots of things to do in your spare time. There are lots of local organisations based here which aim to help people and the environment. 



A lot of local people speak English and usually you will not need to know any Danish to apply. But we highly recommend you buy a phrase book or at least try to pick up basic words and phrases which will really help your time here.


How to Apply


You can view our featured programs or search the organisations we have listed today.

Some organisations offer structured placements which include:

  • Placements
  • Pre-departure information and support
  • Airport transfers
  • Training and in-country orientation
  • Accommodation

You can usually join from a few weeks to over a year. Most organisations will require you to be aged 18 and over. People from all around the world apply every year, so what are you waiting for, enquire today.


Denmark Volunteer Reviews

"It was quite a change for me to do a project with such a big group and also in a big city – a very different experience to most projects. It was really good fun and also very interesting to learn about Fair Trade and to take part in the largest festival of its kind in Denmark.  I also go to spend 2 weeks in the centre of one of my favourite cities whilst doing something very useful!" Ruth, festival project in Denmark with Concordia Volunteers


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