NGO Jobs Abroad

NGO Jobs

NGO's aim to bring opportunity, education and hope to people affected by poverty, HIV Aids and other issues. It is common for International NGO's to work in developing countries where you can be placed anywhere in the world but there are also office and support jobs in cities like London. You can help make a difference to the lives of people and communities overseas by volunteering with NGO's. You will be able to volunteer and really help people on NGO programs. 



NGO Volunteer Placements Abroad

Why Apply

We encourage everyone to spend some time helping others. We list a wide range of volunteer organizations on our website where you can volunteer and devote time helping others. There are underprivileged communities which need assistance all year round and you can work with NGO's and international volunteer organizations to really help. You will be able to use your enthusiasm and energy traveling abroad to a developing country and helping programs like community programs.

Participating is an amazing experience and perfect if you are looking to do something totally different. NGO's need help all year round and this is your chance to experience working on programs like medical / healthcare, teaching and orphanage work. On our website you can find NGO's who need international volunteers in places like Africa, Asia and South America. You can find a wide range of volunteering opportunities in countries like South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, India, Thailand, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador.



NGO Jobs & Placements in Africa

Volunteers who are passionate about international development and who want to gain experience working with an non-governmental organization will thrive on NGO placements in Africa. We partner with community based organizations who serve the most economically disadvantaged and vulnerable people on the African continent. They are continually striving to improve their work, and volunteers help to make this happen.

On these projects you will be paired with one of several NGOs we work with. There may be a focus on rural community development, human rights, youth engagement, or social work, among others. If you have a preference for which type of grass-roots NGO you would like to be paired with, we always consider requests. Your placement will be concentrated on efforts to increase the capacity of the host organization you are volunteering with by focusing on non-profit administration. This may include assisting and training in program development and evaluation, strengthening communication networks both locally and internationally, fundraising, and website development, among others.  

Typical Volunteer Hours: Schedules are flexible. Typically, in this position you will volunteer Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm. You can take long weekends to travel and explore your destination if you plan with your supervisor in advance.  You can join year round and usually you need to commit to at least a 4 week placement. Volunteer hours reduced during the Christmas period.



How to Apply

There are paid NGO jobs with large organisations but for some opportunities you might be asked to pay a programme fee which will go towards your accommodation, food and transport. There will plenty of out of volunteer activities like language lessons, trips, safaris, tours and sporting activities and you will be volunteering with people from all over the world. You can join these types of programs all year round and most NGO volunteer organisations ask you to volunteer for at least 2 weeks. Some placements can be longer and on these you can make a big difference, these are totally flexible and depend on your availablity. 


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