Volunteering Abroad with Your Family

Family Volunteer Projects Abroad

We are getting more and more enquiries from couples and families with children seeking to volunteer abroad and if you are an active family looking for new ways to experience the world then our holidays will appeal to you.

View our guide today with information about family volunteer opportunities in the developing world - you can choose from international family volunteer opportunities in places like Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Read how to volunteer abroad with your family, search projects, find popular destinations, costs, what to expect and also recommended organisations. 


Why Take a Family Volunteer Vacation

Spending time with your family and doing something more than your average beach break might provide you with the most rewarding experience of your life! This will be something different to what you have ever done before, you will create memories and get photos to last a lifetime.

Family volunteer projects allow you to learn and interact with your children in a fun environment far away from the tv/computer which you might be so used to watching back home. On some projects you will get to experience the great outdoors experiencing a new culture and doing something unique - this is also a good way for you to escape the stress and pressure of normal working life. You will gain a new perspective like no other.


Types of Projects

Some projects can centre around conservation, sometimes working with exotic animals or helping community development - this is your chance to give back and do something inspiring. You will get to choose from placements like helping animals, learning/helping conservation efforts, teaching English, coaching sports, improving living conditions and facilities, helping healthcare or mixing a bit of everything. If either parent has any skills this will be put to good use. Most projects also combine experiences where you will get to go sightseeing seeing new locations, 


Where to Participate

There are projects which accept families located all around the world, all projects are carefully selected and all local operations have years of experience working with families to provide safe trips. Placements are totally flexible and you can join throughout the year, generally there is no best time to apply but you might want to check the season/weather of your intended destination. Popular destinations include: 


Family Volunteer Programs in Africa

Family Volunteer Projects in Africa

Probably the most challenging yet worthwhile destination to volunteer with your family is Africa. There are options throughout the continent we recommend Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.


Family Volunteer Programs in Asia

Family Volunteer Opportunities in Asia

Asia appeals for so many reasons and if you would like to escape the tourist resorts then our trips will appeal to you. We have opportunities in places like Cmabodia, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Borneo, Sri Lanka and Thailand.


Family Volunteer Programs in Latin America

Family Volunteer Projects in Latin America

There are so many rewarding projects available to families in Central / South America and the Caribbean. We recommend Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Guatemala and Peru. We have special family volunteer programs in South America in places like Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. We have partner organisations which offer the opportunity for you to bond as a family whilst combining volunteer work with cultural immersion. Projects include helping street children, schools, animal rescue centers, a Galapagos giant tortoise breeding center, coach sports and more. You can combine one week at one project and the next in another one so you experience more of the culture.


Family Volunteer Opportunities in the UK & Europe

Family Volunteer Opportunities in the UK

Don't think you have to travel to far away destinations, there are lots of family volunteering projects in England and the UK. Several organisations like the National Trust offer special placements during half term, summer and year round. This is a great way for you and your family to do something beneficial, meet likeminded people, have fun and also give back to worthwhile initiatives. 


What to Expect

Most of the time you will work around 3-6 hours per day Monday to Friday with weekends free to explore. Excursions and activities can be booked in country. Sometimes you will be working alongside other families, this is a great cultural exchange where you will meet new people from all over the world under the guidance of experienced locally employed staff. 


Eligibility & Age Restricitions

Most applications are usually dealt with case-by-cases basis and all criteria will be discussed, generally children are accepted when they are aged 4 and over, although this really depends on the organisation and project. Some local organisations accept children aged 0-3 but most international sending agencies do not. Children aged 4-16 can usually be accommodation on a lot of worldwide programs.

Don't worry if you have never done anything like this before or have no previous experience, training is provided and usually you will help non-skilled placements. You will need to be in good health and adaptable to new surroundings and when participating noone will be pushed to do anything they don't want to or feel comfortable doing.



Most family volunteer experiences are offering as part of a structured package, the price you pay can vary depending on your preferred destination or project type. What is usually included - placements, pre-departure information, on-site orientation & project induction, airport pick up and drop off, accommodation, 3 meals per day and 24 hour in-country support. Also sometimes discounts are available if you book early/last minute. There are free family volunteering opportunities available but you will need to research these thoroughly before applying - please note you will usually need to cover flights.


How to Apply

Applying is easy - you can do this today by searching our featured placements above. Be sure to get your application in early for summer and Christmas breaks as this can be the most popular time of the year with the school holidays. You can also contact us for specific advice.