Amazing Cities to Volunteer Abroad

Amazing Cities to Volunteer Abroad

Looking to visit a new city destination and mix sightseeing and giving back? Would you like to be more than your average tourist? And also get to live in a world famous incredible city? Check out our list of incredible cities you can donate your time and help good causes.


1. Cape Town

Located in south-western South Africa, Cape Town is simple spectacular compared to other places you can volunteer in Africa. Table mountain looms overhead, there are beautiful beaches and a relaxed atmosphere. There are lots of community, environmental and wildlife volunteer programs. We highly recommend booking an African wildlife safari too which will make your whole trip more magical.



2. London

London is an amazing city to visit and there are short and long term projects and charity work available. Although London is a very wealthy city there is still a need for assistance from volunteers all year round. Community based projects with charities are very popular but there are literally hundreds of worthwhile volunteer organisations in the UK offering placements in London. 



3. Paris

Paris is the most visited city in the world for international tourists and it is easy to see why. With world famous sights like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dam Cathedral and the Louvre you will never stuck for things to do in your free time. You could also combine experiences and study French in Paris which will make the living in France easier if you don't currently speak any of the local language.



4. Sydney

Interested in visiting or taking a gap year in Australia? Or does the idea of working holiday in Australia appeal to you? Why not head to one of the most famous cities in the world, Sydney, and donate your time to good causes at the same times. There are lots of incredible charities and organisations helping within Sydney to improve life for people, communities and the environment.



5. Buenos Aires

There are lots of cities you can volunteer in South America but not many compare to Buenos Aires. If you dream of visiting Burneos Aires why not combine experiences and apply to help local causes. From coaching sports, teaching English or helping animals there is lots of choice - the hard part is deciding what to do. You will get a very different experience applying to volunteer in Argentina .



6. Rio de Janeiro

Is there a more spectacular city in the world than Rio? With the Chist Redeemer looming high above and some of the most famous and iconic beaches in the world located here, you will be left spellbound by volunteering in Brazil. We highly recommend joining a project to help disadvantaged communities. A lot of organisations also offer the chance to study Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro which can make the whole experience more enjoyable.




7. Bangkok

Thailand is one of the most popular travel and gap year destinations in the world and most flights arrive into the bustling capital Bangkok. This is a mega city with a mix of old and new, with modern shopping centres and ancient temples. There are lots of rewarding educational and community based programs available to join in Bangkok.  Another option is to take a TEFL certification course in Thailand and then teach English in Bangkok. You could also book a tour of Thailand to explore the North or spectacular islands in your spare time.



8. Barcelona

If the idea of going to volunteer in Spain appeals to you then you can really go wrong with choosing Barcelona. This is one of the most popular cities in the world, ask anyone who has been here and they will highly recommend visiting. With a warm climate, friendly locals, tasty food and lots to do in your spare time you will love the experience of living here. If you would like to really immerse yourself in the experience we highly recommend going to study Spanish in Barcelona too.



9. Singapore

Want to visit somewhere really modern and clean? There are short and long term projects available where you can help people and animals. Most organisations also offer accommodation which can help as Singapore is a very expensive destination. A lot of people also combine experiences and volunteer in Borneo too to help orangutans.



10. Hong Kong

Exciting by the idea of volunteering in Asia? Looking for a culture shock? Apply to volunteer in China and choose a project in Hong Kong. Not many places in the world are similar to Hong Kong, with beaches, huge skyscrapers, world class facilities, entertainment and dining experiences.


Interested in more opportunities? Search all of our volunteer programs abroad.



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