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International Volunteer Projects in Italy

You could serve on religious placements in the UK in cities like London. You can also travel around the globe helping Christian, Buddhist, Jewish and other religions. International religious organisations need volunteers and provide training and support through dedicated field staff, residential conferences, spiritual development programmes, training days and more. 

Everyone holds different views and theology: some people have a very strong, personal faith, others have not yet made any commitment at all; some are firmly committed to one denomination or tradition, others are open to several. What all volunteers share is the desire to move forward in their Christian faith: to be honest about what’s good or bad, easy or difficult, helpful or painful and thus to find out more about the reality of God. You will need to take seriously your commitment to a religious placement, be open minded and get try to really enjoy the experience.

Religious volunteer missions overseas with an organisations like Time For God (TFG) you will need to find a local church or other fellowship group near your placement, and endeavour to get involved. Put aside time to think through what you believe, and why, and to look for opportunities to talk about this with friends or others. Take an active part in conferences and other activities, including the worship, discussions and studies. On most religious volunteer programs you will be expected to take seriously the commitments of exploring faith.

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Top Reasons to Participate

  • Commit to and invest in a particular community
  • Understand and serve its needs
  • Learn to let God to move in and through you
  • Take risks and step outside of your comfort zone
  • Brow and develop new skills
  • Gain work, leadership, and ministry experience
  • Learn more about yourself, explore future vocations
  • Take advantage of support and training opportunities 
  • Build relationships with people from other cultures, challenge, and learn from one another
  • Your life and the lives of others will be changed!
  • Willingness to serve others and work with the community.

Although the demands and rewards will vary from placement to placement, in each case, you will only receive as much as you have invested of yourself!


Religious Volunteer Programs in the USA

If you search our featured organisations you will be able to search and local religious opportunities including Christian, Catholic and Buddhist placements. For example you could volunteer at a Buddhist retreat in California which we have listed on our website, you could work as a cook or a general assistant helping with the maintenance and general tasks. You will need to be responsible and have an interest in religion to apply for these positions.


Religious Volunteer Placements in London & UK

A new project set up by Time For God and inspired by the opportunities created by London's hosting of the Olympics and Paralympic Games. On one hand we assist Christian communities in using the excitement created by the Games to stimulate projects in their local area by linking them with a full-time volunteer. At the same time we seek to offer willing volunteers a stretching and rewarding experience through which God can change their lives and use them to impact communities in Britain. As an organisation we will wholeheartedly support both our volunteers and placements throughout their time working together leading up to the Olympics.

The plan is to recruit volunteers and placements who have hearts to serve! We here at TFG will listen and work hard to match up volunteer(s) with a placement, finding a good fit for both. Experience tells us that this is an important process into which everyone needs to come with an open mind and realistic expectations. Volunteers will then join the placement for a period of two years to help realize its vision, whether that be to encourage community engagement in sport, culture, mission or prayer. Volunteers might be involved in helping to set up new initiatives or supporting ongoing projects that will run alongside the preparations for and hopefully continue beyond the Games. Naturally the flesh and bones of this project will develop with time and we ask those getting invovled to be flexible and get excited as it takes shape!

You could join local churches and organisations by helping them to take the excitement generated by the Games and allow God to use it for good in their communities. For example you could be running a community cafe, developing a sports ministry, setting up a furniture exchange programme, organising national outreach programmes, or getting alongside those in need. We're not only looking for people who are sporty (if you are that's BRILLIANT!) but also people who are interested in gaining experience in administration, event planning, PR, and communications. If you have a heart to serve and are ready to take on challenging and meaningful responsibilities we want to hear from you.


Religious Volunteer Programs in Latin America

The Pais Project has open doors into the schools and communities of Brazil, its variety presents the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone into an unknown world. If you choose to volunteer in Brazil with Pais you will have the opportunity to work in the public schools. Here there are many young people who are full of dreams of a better life but feel trapped to reach them due to the system which broadly offers a poor education. Alongside this there is the opportunity to work alongside families who live in the Favelas of Brazil.

The great news? Brazilians are open and it’s a joy to work with them! The Pais Project offers a Free (Christian) Apprenticeship in youth and campus leadership including training, accommodation & meals. (Receive a recognized certificate or optional upgrade to diploma/degree.) Apprentices will be trained in the three distinctives of Pais: mission, discipleship and study. They empower young people to live out their faith within their school and community. Training includes Leadership, Communication, Mentioning, Presentation skills. By the end of the year those who join an apprenticeship, will grow in confidence, character, and in their walk with God. They are looking for young adults who have a track record of church commitments and service.


How to Apply

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